Salary guide

Are you overpaid? You're probably not, let's take a look

The salary guide you're about to get has been put together using our insight on placing hundreds of digital people into all sorts of organisations every month.

Where our numbers are coming from

We know how much money digital people are being paid to do a range of different functions, because every month Just Digital People match hundreds of digital people into job opportunities along the east coast of Australia from software development, UI / UX design, online marketing, sales & digital account management.

We gather an even number of salaries scored from candidates placed in a wide range of organisations from consultancies, client brands, software product houses, small to large digital agencies and divide them up to get the median numbers and display our results.

We NEVER share the names in front of the salaries scored and youd be pleased to know most organisations and usually on par with the rest of the market, when they want to be.