Senior Service Designer
Product Design
Permanent / Full Time
Salary Period
Posted On 22/02/2024


We are currently working on SENIOR SERVICE DESIGNER role within a Government agency based in Canberra for an initial 4 month contract but already have a 12 month contract extension agreed. (Day rate is subject to experience)
As the Service Designer you will to design and deliver new experiences for improved outcomes for customers across a wide range of digital solutions.
You will be responsible for driving a human-centric and holistic approach to service delivery; helping to design and guide solutions to support multiple.
Please note you need to be in a position to obtain a Baseline Security clearance.
Role –
  • Utilise specialised knowledge to enhance and refine existing software solutions, encompassing the design, creation, implementation, and testing of software systems, aligning with business needs and software development standards.
  • Employ optimal service design methodologies and procedures to support the future development of electoral services or the enhancement of customer experiences within current services.
  • Produce and develop appropriate service design materials and communication assets
  • Translate identified business requirements into tangible outcomes and problem statements
  • Strategise and document user interviews
  • Organise and lead workshops and interviews involving diverse internal and external stakeholders
  • Evaluate and enhance user experience
  • Coordinate stakeholder groups to foster a collaborative partnership
Skills –
  • Over 7 years of experience in roles such as UX Designer, Business Analyst, or Service Designer, or involvement in Design/Strategy/Research.
  • Demonstrated capability in planning, facilitating, and documenting user interviews
  • Proven track record in developing and implementing strategic service design initiatives.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the service design process and activities
  • Experience in adopting the user's perspective to analyse and enhance their experience or journey
  • Established ability to collaborate effectively within a team environment.
  • Demonstrated capacity to deliver within project and program settings
  • Proven skill in identifying and strategising capability enhancements of business process improvements.
  • Strong communication proficiency, including the ability to translate between business and technical languages.
  • Capability to communicate persuasively, negotiate outcomes, and manage intricate stakeholder relationships.

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