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Posted On 25/08/2019


These roles do not come up very often in Brisbane, a unique Product within a large established organisation that is part of their innovation team - but get left to do what any innovative Product wants to do - make things happen.

This Product has a core group of developers (6 to be precise) whom would be described as talented, but need direction.

Your role will be to ideally help focus, direct, a comparison was to be the conductor of orchestra within this talented group. Individually they are all pretty amazing, collectively is where your skills will be tested but more importantly needed.

Are you therefore an amazing Developer? Do you have prior experience bringing teams together?? Can you demonstrate working on a product and really making it successful? 

This isnt a make good role, this is a growth role within the team. The current Digital Solutions Manager has put together a great team but recognises what they now need as they continue to build this amazing Product and make it work.

So yes, this is a new role in the Brisbane market running exclusive with JDP - it wont be anywhere else and there is no time limit to find someone for this role (before you ask). In short it is firmly about finding the right person.  
So what must you have other than good team lead or technical skills? I would say the ability to understand how to mold a team together, to work out peoples strengths and give direction when and where needed.

Also full understanding of the SDLC process, front end technology (React or Angular) and knowledge with AWS - but i would argue everyone can do these things now.

Anyway, the real question is - are you Interested? 
If you would like more information call Ciaran (me) on 0457 225 955 and lets have a chat about what you are doing right now and if this might be your next role. Have a great week - lets make it a good one.

Ciaran O'Donnell
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