Watch out, employers — will your employees leave before Christmas?
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Did you know your employees might leave before Christmas rolls around? Don't believe us? Here are reasons why your employees might leave before the festive season even begins

You think we’re making this up? We’re not. According to Fortune Magazine, a group survey discovered that 69% of people found candidates jobs in December compared to any other month.

Many people believe changing jobs at the end of the year is a no-go, but that’s not necessarily the case. If they feel unhappy, nothing will hold them back, not even the end of the year.

So, if you believe your employees are content with their current role or won’t leave because it’s Christmas — think again!

Here are four reasons why your employees might hit the snow before Christmas rolls around:

1. Employees have thought out strategic plans, so they don’t have to work during the festive season

Yes, you read that right. Some employees might have devised a plan that, if they secure a new role in November to start in January, it’ll leave them with time to enjoy the festive break. With Christmas parties and people going on holidays, taking a quick break at the end of the year could be an ideal time to enjoy gardening leave or use up the remainder of sick leave! … and yes, we’ve seen it happen. Don’t shoot the messenger!

2. Hiring managers don’t want to be stressed in the New Year

Some hiring managers have already had discussions about roles and are actively employing now to avoid the New Year rush and have their new team ready for 2023. So, if your employee is keen to leave, there are hiring managers and recruiters who will happily find them something amazing before Christmas.

3. Remote-based employees are sick of working from home

If your office is based remotely, your employees might be sick of spending day in and day out alone at home and seek hybrid or in-office roles. Hell, they might even want to switch for a few months just to attend an in-person work Christmas party and take advantage of the bar tab. They might be a little deprived of social events.

4. They assume there’s less competition

Other reasons your employees might decide to ditch their current job for a new position — out with the old and in with the new — is because other candidates assume this time of the year in recruiting is a lull. The gist of what we understood from this Insider blog is that people during Christmas time put their job hunt on the back burner. If your employees think there isn’t much competition around, they’ll think now is their time to shine.

So, basically…

We’re not relaying this information to make you paranoid, but we’re arming you with this information because we want to forewarn you — we don’t want you looking like a Reindeer in the headlights.

If you find you’re losing employees during the festive season, hit us up; we’ll be happy to help you.