Want to Advance Your Career? Steer Clear from These
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Whether you're at the beginning stages of your career aiming to create a strong impact or striving to ascend the career ladder swiftly, here's are some of our tips for propelling your career forward while navigating your job without any setbacks...

Whether you’re just starting out in your career and looking to make a great impression, or you’re wanting to aspire and climb the ranks soon, here are some useful tips on how to advance your career and make it through your job absolutely unscathed...




1.    'CC' everyone your memes


Unless you want to be the talk of the office for sending out cat memes (or something much worse), then make sure you don't press the pesky 'reply all' button or CC your entire company your memes because mistakes like that will live on and aren't the type of thing you can easily advance your career with. Years later, they’ll probably reminisce about the person who mistakenly sent the whole office THAT meme. 


Here's a list of the most common email mishaps—"The relatable struggles of emails—don't you hate it when". Try using it as a checklist to ensure you're not sending an email you'll instantly regret.


2.    Come unprepared without an excuse


To thrive in your career (or at the very least to keep your job and reputation), compile a list of excuses to have on hand and ready to go when you get caught daydreaming or, worse, falling asleep in a meeting. To make it through unscathed, practice pretending like you're in deep thought or pondering the discussion when actually you're just nodding off.


3.    Take someone else's lunch 


If you want to advance your career and excel within your company don't be known as the one who switches their lunch on purpose with someone else’s because it looks more appetising. You don't want to be known as the fridge thief who steals their colleagues' food. Don't ruin your chances at making connections… 


4.    Spam everyone with your favourite song


Speaking of connections, if you're on DJ duty for the day, for your own sake, refrain from putting your favourite song of the week on a continuous loop and subjecting the whole office to it. Save the song for yourself because no one will appreciate it on repeat as much as you will.


5.    Try to avoid eye contact


Avoiding eye contact with someone in the hallway might look like you're hiding something… like stealing their lunch!


So, keep smiling and waving (obviously not too much, or you'll look creepy).


6.    Be known to HR


Whatever you do, don't annoy HR or use them as a soundboard. They have serious stuff to deal with.


7.    Forget about your personal hygiene


This is without a doubt the most important. If you fail to shower regularly, use deodorant, or brush your teeth, you might find it difficult to advance your career or make any headway in life at all—just a friendly tip!



Are there any others that you can think of? Seriously, what's one of the biggest don'ts everyone should follow during their career?



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