Unique excuses to get out of work (that are anything but ‘I’m sick’)
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Tired of using 'I'm sick' as an excuse? Here are some creative (but ridiculous) excuses to use instead. These aren't exactly legitimate, BUT take a read for your enjoyment anyway.

Running out of excuses to get out of work? Here’s a few interesting (and amusing) ones that aren’t the classic ‘I’m sick’.


For all of you wishful thinkers out there, most of these are ridiculous excuses that won’t work and are just a laugh for you to have at the end of your work week. But if you’re desperate, who are we to stand in your way?

1.    I’m breaking out

Tell your employer that your in-laws are currently visiting, and it’s giving you hives so there’s no way you can come into work today.

2.    I have a flat tyre

Send a Shutterstock image of a flat tyre to your manager followed by ‘just my luck; my tyre is flat’. Just hope that your employer doesn’t do a stock photo search of ‘flat tyres’.

3.    I can’t get out of my garage

You can’t go to work if you can’t physically get there, right? So, plant the seed days beforehand by telling your co-workers that your garage door is playing up. Wait for a few days to pass and ring to say, ‘my garage door is broken, and I can’t get the car out’. There’s a 50/50 chance they’ll believe you, but no one can actually prove their suspicions.

4.    Something super important came up

Like your favourite football team is playing, and there’s only one option: to watch it.

5.    The room is spinning

Call up to say you had a rough night that’s surprisingly causing you to have a migraine and you have no idea why. If they start questioning if you had a wild weeknight pretend the line is going fuzzy and hang up.

6.    My kids are sick

Say that your kids are coming down with fevers, and you need to stay home with them. Don’t have children? If your office is big enough, you could get away with saying you have to look after your ‘kids’. If any of your co-workers question it, say, ‘that’s a personal matter I’d rather keep private, thanks’.

7.   The classic ‘the coffee spilled everywhere’ story

Say you were getting out of your car to grab your Grande coffee from the roof, and it spilt all over you. Exaggerate that the caffeine stained your clothes, and you had no choice but to take a very long shower to wash off the liquid and change!

So, that’s why you’re late (or never showed up). If they show no sympathy say, ‘in case you were worried no I didn’t get third degree burns’, to make them feel bad for not believing your lie.

8.    I have to get another doctor’s note (if you’ve been on sick leave)

To get an extra day say your dog ate your doctor’s note, and you couldn’t show up at work without one, so you had to go back for another.

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