Unforgettable Awkward Moments: Work-from-home Encounters Majority of Us Have Experienced
Remote Work
Have you ever experienced awkward work-from-home moments? Like your dog barking non-stop during an important meeting or dressing for the top and not the bottom and everyone noticing? Well, take a read through what we think are some of the most awkward WFH situations to exist.

After three years, most of us by now have probably perfected the art of working from home. Still, sometimes we can’t escape the awkward moments that naturally come with remote working—ever wanted to disappear into the ground after experiencing an awkward WFH situation? You wouldn’t be the first… find solace in today’s blog that you’re not the only one who’s been there.

1. When your business up top and party down the bottom gets exposed—to everyone

Have you ever been called out on a Zoom for wearing a blazer or jacket up top but sweatpants or pyjamas down the bottom? Staying comfortable and dressing the top half for your exact camera angle sounds great in theory, but getting busted reaching for your cup of coffee on the far side of your desk or repositioning the camera for a better angle out of habit and getting caught in your not-so-corporate wear, is one of the most awkward work-from-home encounters to exist.

What happens on Zoom stays on Zoom, except for this guy:

Or, worse, when you’ve come unprepared in your sweats or pyjamas, not expecting anyone to see you, but then you get peer pressured to turn your camera on—*cough* “it’s broken.” 


2. When you thought you were muted on a Zoom meeting, but the speaker was on the WHOLE time

Okay, even though Zoom’s been around for more than a decade, no one ever really used it before 2020, so when the majority of us began working from home for the first time, it was another program we all had to learn.

Among the frantic last-minute meetings, it was easy to forget that the speaker was on when you didn’t intend it to be—like this person who started talking to her cat and thinking she was muted, but the entire team was listening in.

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3.    Your pet or kids acting up

Kids and pets act up at the best of times—but especially when you’re in the middle of an important work-from-home meeting (it’s like they know). Yelling, barking, meowing, and causing chaos right in front of your boss, managers, and colleagues.

But are they any better in the office? Let us know your thoughts after you read our blog on Kids vs Dogs in the Workplace.

4.    Realising you’ve worn the same shirt a few days in a row to all your meetings

Only after a few days, and after countless meetings with the same group of people do you realise that you’ve worn the same shirt for the last couple of days… how did the time pass that quickly, and most importantly did people notice? Maybe not, because they’re probably doing the exact same thing.

Everyone has a favourite piece of clothing, don’t shame them on it.


5.    Speaking over someone multiple times on a video call

It’s super difficult to converse normally over a video call. With everyone’s slow WiFi and muted microphones, how does anyone ever speak without accidentally interrupting someone else? 

We can’t count how many times we’ve spoken, then realised we’re speaking at the same time as someone else, paused, and then started talking at the same time as that person again. It’s like trying to get out of someone’s way on the sidewalk and dodging one another in a street dance until it gets unbearably awkward.


What funny but awkward moments have you experienced working from home? Or have you seen a funny clip about work from home that you’d like to share? Either way, drop us a comment below.


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