To Mark the End of Quarter 2, We’ve Gathered a Few Of our Recent Testimonials
End of Quarter
Wonder if we're any good at our jobs here at Just Digital People? Well, read what some of our clients and candidates had to say about working with us this quarter!

We're celebrating the end of quarter 2 by asking some of our consultants at Just Digital People how they ensure a positive hiring experience and their motivation behind finding standout candidates and building strong relations.



Client Testimonial for Charlotte Stavrou:

"Charlotte is one of the best recruiters I've worked with over the past 15+ years in the field. She knew her craft exceptionally well and really understood what I was looking for in new employees. She made the whole recruitment process smooth and filtered out all of the stress and time it takes when recruiting internally. I'm exceptionally happy with Charlotte's services and glad to say I'll be happily working with her on an exclusive basis from now on."


Our Consultant Charlotte Stavrou said:

My favourite part about building strong client relations is the opportunity to establish meaningful connections and understand the needs and goals of the clients I work with. I've helped build entire teams from the ground up, seeing both the business and the candidates flourish. It makes me a bit soppy when a client reaches out after a placement to say your candidate is smashing it!

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I love taking my clients out for a nice beverage, brunch, coffee, walk and talk, and even a golf session (my Dad taught me well!). Even the little fun events make the whole relationship more beneficial as it's always nice to chat or do an activity that doesn't entirely revolve around their next resource—but when it comes to business, let's talk business. I always strive not to be a name on an email chain or that voice you hear on the phone.

I like to fully immerse myself into the business, visit your office, find out both your pros and cons and find you the right person for the business, not just based on a skillset provided in a job description.


Nobody likes being over-promised; that's why I only send my clients quality candidates—even if that means only 2 or 3. At the end of the day, what I put out reflects on me, which is why I strive to always do the best in my work and give my clients the best experience I can.



Client Testimonial for Kierstin McQuown:

"I have worked with Kierstin in the past, and she was the first and only person that came to mind when I needed to hire someone new. Her dedication is commendable, and I've never worked with a recruiter so tireless in finding the absolute best candidate."


Our Consultant Kierstin McQuown said:

My favourite part about building strong client relations is the fact that I genuinely understand them and what they want and need for their business.

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When you get to the stage where you can tell jokes over a beer, it's even better. I am motivated by the belief that the people we help find for our clients can transform businesses for the better, they can implement new things, and help the team build cool sh!t. It’s amazing when you watch someone you placed get promoted to Senior-lead or even CTO!


Candidate Testimonial for Aaron Mancy:

"I was very happy with Aaron in searching for my new job. He was always helpful and was great in following up with me from the initial stages to now, where I've started my new role. He thinks of my success as his own and has a fantastic personality. I have no doubt in recommending him to any of my friends wishing to find a new job."


Our Consultant Aaron Mancy said:

I really enjoy hearing people talk passionately about their work and career goals. Sometimes these might not even be related to IT, but it's nice to understand and get to know the person behind the CV rather than just focusing on their skillset. I can't count how many conversations I've come away from wanting to learn programming. But then I realise it's actually not my goal (but it is that infectious!). It's quite inspiring. I enjoy getting a call after they've gone for their interview and hearing them say, "Wow, I really enjoyed that".

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I realised very quickly that it's no small feat to change jobs. It's sometimes a strenuous process. As I've said to many people—looking for a full-time job is a full-time job! 


In this process, communication is key, and I'm always aiming to keep candidates and clients alike updated to the best of my ability. I find that a good level of communication from both parties leaves a really positive impression and creates long-lasting relationships. 


I also like to think that I simply come across as a human, that is, understanding of the curveballs that life can throw. I think there's more and more that AI can do a lot faster, better or more streamlined than I, but a human touch is something I'd like to think we still have the upper hand with.



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