To Celebrate the End of Quarter 3, We're Sharing Some of Our Greatest Testimonials
End of Quarter
That's almost a wrap on quarter 3, 2023! So, you know what that means... we're sharing some of our consultants testimonials from the past three months! Here's what our Just Digital People consultants enjoy most about their roles and how they ensure a smooth process for all involved

Yet again, another quarter has flown by, so to mark the end of quarter 3, we've asked a few of our Just Digital People consultants what they find is the most rewarding part about their job and how they ensure a smooth process for all involved. 


Candidate Testimonial for Lucy Wang:

"Lucy was excellent throughout the entire process. Extremely responsive and helpful. I would 100% recommend Lucy to any of my friends who are looking for their next career move."


Our Consultant Lucy Wang said:

Navigating the job market can be overwhelming, especially when it's in unfamiliar territory; there are exceptional candidates who I've seen shy away from opportunities because they aren't sure if they're suitable. But sometimes they just need an extra hand to guide them in the right direction and give them confidence. It's during these moments I enjoy instilling self-confidence in them.

The most rewarding aspect of being a recruiter is witnessing candidates find the excitement and challenge in their careers again. Often, we get comfortable with the role that we're in, whether it's because we've been there for a very long time and know the ins and outs of the business or have lost the element of learning new challenges. Finding someone their motivation and passion again in what they do is certainly the highlight of this job!

Transparency and honesty are always the way to go for me. Processes aren't always going to run smoothly, despite your best efforts, but to ensure a positive process is by building trust, being transparent, and giving as much feedback as possible.

Candidate Testimonial for Harry Coffey:

"Have only been working with Harry and the wider team for a couple of months, and we've already managed to celebrate a few wins! Communication is great, and Harry works hard to ensure only those candidates who align very well with our needs and values are presented."


Our Consultant Harry Coffey said:

I'm a bit of a people pleaser. I've always preferred handing a birthday gift over rather than receiving one; therefore, handing someone a role that really excites them and ticks all their boxes is what I love about this role. When a role meets all expectations, that means I must have done my job right, and that's what I find the most rewarding!

Communication cannot be understated. If you have no news or updates at that time, keep your candidates in the loop. We all like to have a clear picture of all aspects in life, and these processes are no exception.

Aftercare is also incredibly important. Our jobs aren't done once that start date has passed. Touching base and remaining as a set of ears to feedback and sharing experiences about the role is key.


Client Testimonial for Ally Johnson:

"Ally was prompt and professional in finding us the right candidate for an urgent role. She understood the brief and was a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend."

Our Consultant Ally Johnson said:

It's a nice feeling when clients trust me with their hiring. It allows me to keep clear communication and a great feedback loop with both parties and nail down their superstar candidate for them. I also love checking out their offices and teams (sometimes we get merch or little gifts—who doesn't love merch!).

Getting to know my clients so well and seeing their team and office makes me feel involved from day one. I just like matching great people with great companies. Moving jobs is a huge life decision, so I'm always focused on making it an excellent decision for the candidate long term, so my clients also benefit long term. To do that, involving myself with clients as much as possible works best so I can give the candidate as much information as I can.



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