There’s a 99.99% Chance You’ve Faced These Pains and Joys at Work
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Work Pains & Joys
OKAY, we bet you've experienced at least a few of these pains and joys at work before...

Working 9-5, five days a week, can bring about good (and some stressful moments); we can probably all relate to being on a high and later a low after realising the last of the office snacks have been devoured by Jimmy from HR. What’s that saying? You’re not you when you’re hungry.

So, for an end-of-the-week laugh, here's some humour based on all the pains and joys we inevitably experience at work—whether we want to or not.

The struggles:

  1. When you're required to attend a compulsory last-minute meeting on a Monday morning with the hangover of the decade that not even sunglasses and Panadol can fix.
  2. Waking up at 6 am, showering, getting dressed, rushing around the house, and reversing out of the driveway just to realise it's a Saturday morning.
  3. When your co-worker asks a question, that makes the meeting go for an extra 25 minutes.
  4. Waking up and thinking it's the weekend, but it's only a lousy Tuesday. We’ll stay in bed today thanks. Where’s that list of Unique Excuses to Get Out of Work again?
  5. Taking one day off to return to 1000 messages and emails. Our heart rate is increasing just thinking about it.
  6. When you see people leaving earlier than you. And then trying to scheme your own way out.
  7. Writing a long email just to realise you forgot to add the attachment. That goddamn attachment.
  8. Biting your tongue and having to replace 'screw this' with 'that's fine'.
  9. When you think you've been at work for hours and look at the clock to find it's only been 45 minutes.
  10. Dying for a cup of tea or coffee to realise there are no tea bags or coffee beans left. Fess up, who had it?

But we couldn't leave without giving you some joy to get you through the rest of your week…

The joys:

  1. That Friday afternoon feeling, or better yet, that early feeling. Sayonara.
  2. Realising it's almost lunchtime and the first few hours of the day have flown by; oNly FiVe MOrE tO Go.
  3. Free food in the kitchen—every man for himself.
  4. When you thought it was Wednesday, but it's actually Thursday!
  5. When it's someone's birthday, and you get to eat FREE cake! Nothing tastes better than something you didn’t pay for.
  6. A work-from-home day = sleep in and roll out of bed at approximately 8:59 am.
  7. When you’re off kitchen duty—not our problemo today.
  8. When that meeting you were super unprepared for went surprisingly well and you have no idea why.
  9. Having a pub feast with the whole team.
  10. Doggos or children’s day in the office. You decide if that’s a pro or not—read our latest blog on Kids vs Dogs in the Workplace to settle it.