Did You Know About Our Upcoming Event—T4lk is Che4p: Show Me the Code
Calling all Software Developers! Mark your calendars for September 20th for our next event! We interviewed two of our upcoming guest speakers—Abdullah Khan & James Gill, so you can know what to expect from their presentations.

Did you know our next software development event is taking place in a few weeks’ time? Just in case you haven’t heard, our fourth instalment of "T4lk is Che4p: Show me the code" will be held in our Brisbane offices on September 20th—but we're pretty sure you knew that already.

As usual, we like to focus on topics and information you can't easily find online or ask ChatGPT for. Instead, we like to invite experienced devs to share their findings so you can learn from some of the best that Brisbane has to offer.

That's why we've asked not three but four guest speakers to present their years of knowledge at our next event. So, who are they?


  • Abdullah Khan, Software Engineer at SRG Global
  • Carly Christensen, Director of Engineering at ZeroFlucs
  • James Gill, CTO at 2500 Ltd
  • Joe Coady, Senior Software Engineer at 2500 Ltd

These professionals all have years of industry experience in software development up their sleeve and are as equally passionate about the topics they'll be diving into on the night.

So, what topics will you hear about? We spoke to presenters Abdullah Khan and James Gill about what we can expect to hear from their talks in the coming weeks.


Abdullah Khan’s topic: SvelteKit VS React and Vue

"I'll be talking about the JavaScript framework called SvelteKit and what I'll be dabbling into is exactly how it works and its pros and cons," Abdullah Khan says.

He explains that his succinct presentation will focus on SvelteKit as an alternative technology to some of the more popular frameworks that are currently used in the industry.

"We're rather slow in Australia when it comes to adopting new technologies. If a certain tech stack works for company B, then companies C and D will also stick to this framework meaning the end user doesn't always get the best possible results. So, I want to inform developers that there are other options rather than React and Vue, give them food for thought, and help these professionals make informed decisions," he says.

One of our guest speakers presenting.
The audience listening to the presentations.
Attendees and presenters mingling.

James Gill's topic: Polymorphic typescript components, JSS, and using CSS variables in React

While James Gill is focused on creating a talk to follow-up from his last presentation at our prior event—'Talk is Cheap: Show Me the Code Episode III The Revenge of the Script'. "At the end of my last presentation, I put up a poll so people could vote on what they wanted to see in my next talk."

James Gill says the topics he'll be focusing on are fairly ubiquitous and apply to all developers at one time or another.

"The key topics I'll be talking about will be how to write polymorphic typescript components, JSS, using CSS variable in React as well as discussing typography, design, and development alignment."

He continues to say that networking events like ours are important for software developers' careers as making personal connections in Brisbane is crucial. "Not only are these meetups important for the people who are potentially looking for a new role, but it's also important for those working on cool projects and wanting some feedback on these too."

While Abdullah Khan says he enjoys sharing his knowledge with the Brisbane community so developers can learn new insights. "The events are beneficial for junior developers because if there is a junior in an organisation where they don't have a senior mentor, the shared information can be very valuable for them. These types of events are also beneficial for senior developers to learn something new."

Sounds intriguing? At our event you’ll be able to network your way around the room with the Brisbane development community, have the opportunity to talk to Abdullah Khan, James Gill and our other guest speakers on the night, and learn from each one of their insightful presentations!


Don't miss out on our fourth instalment (it's not every day the dev community gathers together). We'll see you Wednesday, September 20th, at 19/160 Ann Street, Brisbane City, at 5:30 pm for networking, presentations, pizza, and beer!

Get your tickets on our Eventbrite page now—you know the drill.