Stream Season 4 of Questions, Wings, & Things on YouTube Now!
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Season 4 of Questions, Wings, & Things is out to stream NOW! We sat down with the guys behind it all—Ciaran O'Donnell, Sam Needs, & James Farrey to talk about all things QWT and how it began!

Your favourite YouTube series (and now Spotify podcast) is back for you to stream today! You know, the one where we make either Sam Needs or James Farrey eat the spiciest sauces we can find for your entertainment. If you’ve forgotten, use this to jog your memory, “my internals are burning, mate—how are you even functioning?”

Stream it on YouTube now!

To mark the fourth season of Questions, Wings, & Things (QWT), we thought what better time than now to sit down with the guys behind it all… our Founder Ciaran O'Donnell, and Managing Partners Sam Needs and James Farrey. But before you dive into season 4 let’s go back to the beginning to how it all started ⏮.

Sam Needs says, “Ciaran and I went out for a meal, and he knew that I loved spicy food and suggested that as a light-hearted theme, I start a series.”

Ciaran O'Donnell says, “we were talking about how to get Sam Needs more active on LinkedIn because he didn’t post very much, haha. Anyway, I asked if anyone had seen Hot Ones with the idea that we could tailor the series to something like that.”

Sam Needs adds, “it’s a solid way to break the ice, all the while talking to some seriously interesting people.”

“We agreed we needed a catchy name; I said I’d like it to be three acronyms like JDP, and then we were free-balling names for about a day or so,” Ciaran O'Donnell says.

“Until I later coined it, Questions, Wings, and Things,” says Sam Needs. “Which worked perfectly for QWT,” Ciaran O'Donnell added.

We asked our two brilliant hosts Sam Needs and James Farrey some quick questions about their time throughout the seasons. 

When asked what their favourite memory is James Farrey said, “Ooooft, that’s a tough one to pick. I’d have to say having Nick Bell and Lisa Teh on and struggling big time was a fun one, and also hearing Ben C.'s epic f*ck up on Wall Street is something I will remember, along with what he learnt from the mistake!” Looking for these episodes? Watch it here.

Sam Needs says, “we had someone’s glasses steam up to the degree they needed to wipe the fog off. Someone point-blank telling me they’re not going any further. Another person forgot what their elevator pitch was (for their own company of 10+ years), and someone hiccupped so aggressively that we had to stop filming for a while. All good fun!”

Before continuing, “they were all Blair’s Death Sauce range, and we used the top 5 hottest ones. I began to hate the third one in, especially after, say, the 30th episode! Although it wasn’t the heat so much, it was the sourness and pinch it used to give the stomach.” 

James Farrey chimes in, saying, “they taste like death”. He added, “I even did a practice round with my wife at home before my first episode, and to be honest, that made me more scared because she kicked my ass with how she handled it.”

We went as far as to ask them what the after-effect was like, with Sam Needs saying, “ask the wife and kids,” and James Farrey replying with, “that’s between me and the bathroom.”

“Those sauces aren’t to be taken lightly!” Sam Needs says.

To wrap up, we asked Ciaran O'Donnell, ‘will you make an appearance on QWT?’ 

His reply? “You have more chance of seeing QPR win the FA Cup.”  We’ll take that as a maybe.

Torture or fun, you decide in this season of Questions, Wings, & Things. Stream it here!

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