Spotlight on JDP's new Divisional Manager of the UX/UI, Design, & Product space Rob Richardson
Meet Robert Richardson, the newest member of our Just Digital People team here in Brisbane! We put the spotlight on our new Divisional Manager of the UX/UI, Design, and Product space for a quick Q&A talking all things recruitment, career progression, and travelling.

With 15 years’ experience in recruitment and new to Brisbane we decided to put the spotlight on Rob, where he explains his journey from living and working in the UK to relocating to Australia and sharing his successful career path.

Tell us about your career journey

"It actually started when I was 16. I left school, did filing and admin, and then worked my way up to become a resourcer, team lead, and division lead. So, it's been a long journey and it's definitely added a few greys to my hair. But I've spent about 15 years in recruitment, so I feel I know most of the ins and outs of the industry."

What do you like most about recruitment?

"I like fast-paced environments, it’s exciting. It's good to mediate between candidates and clients. I like to talk and be able to help people find jobs and assist on all sides. It's the right area for me; that's why I've been in it for so long."

How did you come to work for JDP?

"I actually applied for JDP in January 2020. My partner and I always planned to go to Australia because we'd already travelled to the country before, and we basically decided we liked Brisbane and would like to live there. And throughout COVID-19, JDP stayed in touch and treated me well, so I knew that they take the time to care about their recruiters. I trust them and they trust me, and I think trusting the company is important because it's not a short-term relationship, it's long-term."

What are you looking forward to achieving for JDP?

"Building on top of JDP's success. Also, building up a career for me and further building on the team here in Brisbane. Bringing more UK flavour into here is a key thing for me."

What's your proudest career moment?

“Personally, it's been being able to get to Australia through recruitment. But one of my biggest career moments was building up a team of juniors and getting them to a certain level. I feel proud that I've helped them from university when they were nervous and unsure to building them up to be confident recruiters.”

Is Australia living up to your expectations?

"It’s definitely succeeded my expectations. One of my favourite phrases is 'when there's sun in London, everyone's happy', so it's good to be here where the sun shines, and everyone's enjoying themselves."

Where would we usually find you outside of work?

"Me and my partner like to go out exploring what Brisbane has to offer. Sometimes you'll find me at the pub or dining at a restaurant. I like getting out there, seeing the culture, and exploring other areas. We're excited to see the whole of Australia."

What do you think of our Consultant Reece and Talent Scout Josh in the design space?

"It's great to have them both. I've been speaking to Reese for quite a while now, so we know each other, and I've seen Josh a few times; and it’s safe to say he's definitely beating me on the beard side. It's nice to go to a new business where everyone enjoys one another's company."