Recap on our latest event—Talk is cheap. Show me the code.
A few weeks ago, our development team here at Just Digital People held a networking event that provided a space for passionate developers to network and expert guest speakers to share their invaluable industry knowledge.

For the first time in a while, the Just Digital People development team held a networking event where industry professionals explored the pros and cons of software development applications and programs. 

Our Candidate Manager in the Development space, Isabelle, who co-ran the night, said, “we don’t just want to talk about tech; we like to be fully immersed. Events like these are a good chance for JDP to be active in the tech ecosystem.”

The room was filled with plenty of Brisbane developers who tuned in to hear what our guest speakers—Development Team Lead Linton and Senior Software Engineer Lenita Pinto from Genie Solutions and Software Engineers Ben Schuz, and Alec Bassingthwaighte from Midnight Health had to share.

Isabelle says, “the event provided a space for passionate developers to network and where industry experts could share their ideas and interesting solutions.”

The Genie Solutions pair also shared their invaluable knowledge of programs. Linton said, “at Genie Solutions, we’ve come across some challenges, but we’ve also come up with some solutions.”

He added, “I think sharing my knowledge will help other companies and web developers. If they face similar problems in the future, they can remember the JDP event where they [the guest speakers] spoke about problems and solutions. That’s why I like to share my knowledge with a broad audience, so everyone can benefit from it.”

We also heard from a few web developer enthusiasts who spoke about the event. One of our attendees of the night, Ben Ward, said, “learning about WebAssembly proved very beneficial to my future career, while Ishaan Pratap said, “I’ve made new contacts and have put some names to faces and can’t wait to make more at future events.”

Isabelle said, “some attend to network and meet new people or to find an industry mentor, while others simply go to learn about the latest and greatest trends in the tech space.”

Attendee Juliana Mahon is new to the development space and said the event was very beneficial for her in terms of networking and gaining more industry knowledge. “As someone who is more of a frontend developer, I learnt a lot about different backend frameworks. It was definitely a very eye-opening event for someone new to the field.”

“I think everyone left the event having learnt something new—including myself,” Isabelle said.

On the night the Midnight Health team also shared their knowledge and a verdict of their recent findings. They spoke about what programs work together, and more specifically when to use WebAssembly with React.

Feel like you missed out? Come and hear the knowledge firsthand for yourself at our next event!

“This will be the first of many meetups Kierstin, and I plan to host! We’ve already had a few people who’ve said they want to present at the next one,” Isabelle added.

Stay tuned for details on our next software development event… watch this space!