Recap on our Latest Event—Marketing on Autopilot
A couple of weeks ago, our marketing team Sam Dopking & Alisa Grove held a networking event where the Brisbane marketing community had the opportunity to learn about EDMs and automations from our expert panellists: Requelle Aiken, Ellyn McCulloch, and James MacLeod!

Two weeks ago, we held our first marketing event of the year: Marketing on Autopilot, a networking event focusing on all things EDMs and marketing automation.

Our Marketing duo, Sam Dopking, and Alisa Grove, who hosted the night, asked our experienced line-up of panellists, Email Marketing Lead at Reload Media Requelle Aiken, Loyalty Marketing Manager at TerryWhite Chemmart Ellyn McCulloch, and CRM Automations Manager at Entain Australia James MacLeod, about marketing automation, data privacy, the current EDM trends, and more.

Our Marketing Consultant and moderator of the night Sam Dopking says, “the aim of the event was to bring different professionals from the Brisbane marketing community together, allow for people from similar industries to network with each other, and to educate people on how they can improve their automation process or marketing EDMs. I think everyone took something valuable away from the night.”

One of our guest speakers Requelle Aiken told us why she likes to share her years’ worth of knowledge with the marketing community.

“I think it’s important that we all get together from different industries and different levels of experience in the email marketing and automation space and share our learnings. It’s important to learn from each other’s wins, mistakes, learnings, and opportunities, and I think Marketing on Autopilot was a really great way for us all to meet and share that with each other.”


Some key takeaways from the night?

The expert team of panellists spoke about everything from finding creative ways to collect data to how vital segmentation and testing is when creating electronic direct mail to figure out what does and doesn’t work for your customers.

“Avoid trying everything all at once” and “test, test, test”Ellyn McCulloch

“Segment, go small, and work your way up”Requelle Aiken

So, how did the marketing community benefit from our event? Find out for yourself:

Attendee Jake Thomas took advantage of our Q&A session which followed after the panel. “I asked how to win back customers, and the answer that was given I actually hadn’t thought of before, which is to basically remind the customers of a time when they enjoyed using your product.”

Before adding, “it was insightful to hear from people in other industries and how they’re tackling the same problems.”


Reflecting on the event:

Sam Dopking said, “I think it was beneficial for everyone in different ways.”

“It was beneficial for the speakers to put their names out there and give them a chance to speak expertly about a topic they’re passionate about. It was also a really helpful event for the businesses and employees alike to upskill and take their strategy around EDMs and marketing automation to the next level. And it was beneficial for me to know more about the market and how the different functions work across marketing.”

James MacLeod added at the end of the night, “I wish I had the opportunity to attend more [events] when I was just starting out, so I’m really happy to help out now. Hearing from people who’ve been through the problems you’re currently facing can be a massive help to get through those challenges.”

Missed our event? Don’t miss the next one!

“We’re looking to have another marketing event in a few months. We had a great turnout, so it would be fantastic to have another one!” says Sam Dopking

If you’re an expert in the marketing field and want to share your knowledge with the community or hear about a particular topic at our next event, reach out to Sam!