My time thus far with JDP - Forward ever, backward never.....
“Was JDP was the place you initially expected?” - Brisbane Managing Partner Sam Needs share his thoughts on the company.

Sooooooooo, my time at JDP Brisbane started virtually 12 months’ prior now, and many asked me when I joined if “JDP was the place you initially expected?” - The answer was simple, "No!", and for many different reasons which are, for the vast majority, extremely positive……

It took me some time to reach the decision to join Ciaran and Brisbane team; it wasn’t an easy one either. I was under a cosy comfort blanket with a very successful global player and operating in a slightly different role to now. I wanted to explore an option that would cater more towards what I wanted to achieve within my career, not be ushered away from the hybrid role I desired as it was deemed “chalk and cheese”.

What have I gleaned from my move?

Dogged grit will prevail - In my own opinion and experiences, learning from any new role/promotion/shift in industry focus is critical to help me succeed and become more focused. Digging-in, and firmly in, will eventually out-wash any negativity regardless of legacy. 

Company DNA absolutely takes time to regroup - I’ve now further understood that the DNA within a business shift, and certainly not overnight. Whilst people and their own unique brands may come and go, ultimately like-minded groups tend to form bonds and remain “comrades” or whatever sector they operate within. One of the strongest leaders I’ve known for some 6 odd years advised me that “Sam, it’ll take you at least 12 months to regroup and drive forward” – True to his words he was right. Now the wheels are firmly on terra firma and 2020’s looking overwhelmingly positive. 

Branding – Although branding comes in many forms, the JDP brand to me and many others now is very different to 18 months prior. Whilst from the exterior and aesthetically this may not be reflected, from an evolving core this couldn’t be further from the truth. In recruitment some tend to see a logo or rely on hearsay to form opinions. For JDP personal branding will continuously strengthen, regardless of historical episodes.

Take a chance – Such a glaringly obvious statement and one of the more clichéd ones around over modern time, but certainly true for me. A little over 10 years prior I “Took that chance” with a boutique firm and it genuinely backfired on me in true fashion. This become a learning curve that helped me assess the risks of joining a business that has had its fair share of public acknowledgements.

  • Providing the risk has been measured against your own plethora of factors, what the heck; dig-in!

I’d be keen to hear what others feel? Have you been part of either assisting or spearheading a company’s positive trajectory?

JDP’s thirst for evolving hasn’t faltered; the next iteration is around the corner…