Millennials vs Boomers in the office: Are their stereotypes their strengths?
Office life
Boomers and millennials get a bad rap—for obvious reasons. But have you thought that their stereotypes could bring out their strengths too?

We’ve all heard of the satirical differences between each generation. But what about the dissimilarities between millennials and boomers in the office?

Stereotypes are mostly an insulting truth—they had to come from somewhere, right?—but sometimes they can bring about workplace strengths (with the key word here being sometimes). Surprised? We are too.

But take this with a grain of salt! These are simply stereotypes...

Millennials waste time on social media… but are great social media coordinators!

Stereotype: The stereotype is that millennials spend most of the workday scrolling their feeds and posting Instagram stories. They’re addicted to their screens; procrastination is their forte.

Strength: But millennials make for great social media coordinators as they know the ins and outs of technology and spend hours on their phones. So, if you need a social media coordinator, a millennial might fit the bill; reach out to us at Just Digital People to help fill the spot.

Boomers don’t know how to work technology… but they’re innovative and know what to do when technology fails

Stereotype: While millennials are infatuated with social media, you wouldn’t dare catch a boomer taking a BeReal—if they even know what that is. Boomers are notorious for resisting technology because they’re sceptical and frightened of a screen. Scary stuff, right? They’ll do everything in their power to avoid using the latest technology.

Strength: But boomers approach problems differently. They’ve spent their lives fixing issues without technology so when the office tech fails or the Wi-Fi disconnects (the end of the world as we know it), they’ll be the first to start problem-solving.

Millennials are entitled and lazy… but apply themselves when they’re passionate

Stereotype: The popular stereotype about millennials is that this generation is a lazy and an entitled bunch who expects everything to fall in their lap almost instantaneously.

Strength: But, when millennials are passionate, they give their undivided attention to their work. If they find their job gives them a sense of purpose, they’ll strive for success.

Boomers are stubborn and can’t tolerate change… but when they adapt, they’re proficient

Stereotype: Boomers are stubborn and can’t adapt to change. They love to be in charge and control situations. They’re resistant to any slight changes and think, ‘why fix something that’s not broken?’—because their millennial enemies (and sometimes superiors) like to shake things up, that’s why.

Strength: But, once boomers adapt (because their millennial colleagues insist), they absorb the information like a sponge.

Millennials don’t spend an unpaid minute of their time working… but give their all and more during their 9-5

Stereotype: It's a common stereotype that millennials clock off at 5 pm on the dot. They don’t start a minute before 9 am nor stay a minute later than they have to. They’d rather be at home doing absolutely nothing—if they could lounge on the couch all day, they would (who could blame them?).

Strength: But millennials avoid office distractions putting in the hard yards while on the clock, so they can lounge around stress-free outside of their work hours.

Boomers overwork… but are loyal workers

Stereotype: Boomers are the opposite of clock watchers. They don’t have a social life and believe their career is their life’s work. You won’t see these guys leave the office until the late evening.

Strength: Because of this, boomers are considered as some of the most loyal and hardworking employees.

So, don’t hesitate to hire a millennial or boomer because of their ‘stereotypes’! If you need to fill some roles, reach out to us at Just Digital People and we can help find your ideal employees—no matter their age.