Marking The End of The Year with Highlighted Testimonials and Some Job Market Advice
End of Quarter
Job Advice
That's almost a wrap on 2023! So, you know what that means... we're sharing some fantastic testimonials and job advice!

And that’s a wrap on 2023! To round up a successful year we thought we’d share some testimonials that our Senior Recruitment Consultant in the UX/UI, product, and all things design space Reese Provost has received! Keep reading to know some job market advice for 2024!


Recent Candidate Testimonials for Reese Provost:

“Such a great experience. Reese kept in contact throughout the process and went above and beyond.”

“Reese has been very supportive and friendly. She helped me a lot to have a smooth employment process. She is very professional and kind.”


“Helpful, thorough, and caring. Reese was a pleasure to work with!”


Q&A with Reese Provost:


How do you ensure a smooth hiring process?

"When getting to know a candidate, it’s important to be empathetic; I always try to view the process from the candidate’s perspective. Initially, I like to ask what the candidate wants and needs from a role and company before going over a position description. Alignment between the candidate and company is key to a long-term placement. If the company is offering what they want and need to be happy, I make sure to give them all the information I have and remind them that preparation is key to success when interviewing! During this whole process, I consistently communicate with the candidate and make myself available."


What motivates you to help job seekers find their dream role, and what do you love most about finding a candidate a new job?

"I have debated this with colleagues in the past; I personally don’t view recruitment as a sales job; I take the match-making approach. I search for true alignment between what they want and what a company can offer. There can be great candidates and great roles, but just because both look good on paper doesn’t mean they are right for each other. I get excited about finding candidates their perfect “company match” and vice versa.

I think we’ve all had good jobs and bad jobs and can all agree that life is significantly better when you love going to work. It’s nice being part of that for people!"


And, in this tough job market, do you have any advice for those looking to stand out amongst their competitors?

"For designers, I suggest re-branding their CVs and updating their portfolios. It’s time-consuming, I know, but it helps! But for all job seekers, when you find a job you’re excited about, find key similarities between the job ad and your experience, and write up a short and concise capability statement in your cover letter or application email. Recruiters and hiring managers love this! Also, if the role requires you to be client-facing, link a short intro video to your CV. There are lots of things you can do, so ask a recruiter for help!"



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