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Are you in Sydney and looking for your next career move, or seeking a new employee who will tick all of your company's boxes? Reach out to our Sydney team, who has almost 20 years of collective experience.

Are you Sydney based and looking to level up in your Marketing, Development, or Design career or need to fill a new role within your company? Our team at Just Digital People can help.

A few of our Sydney team—Division Lead Robert Richardson, Recruitment Consultant Josh Bull, and Consultant Rachel Comber—have almost 20 years of collective experience together, making headway in the industry by helping professionals meet their goals and finding our clients experienced employees.

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From left to right: Josh Bull, Rob Richardson, and Rachel Comber.

Having been in the digital space for over six years, Robert Richardson says, "I’m more than happy to assist any job seekers with salary information, resources, and advice about the current market.”

"We're here to help. We're here to advise. We're here long-term, not just for that one role.”


At JDP the most important aspect of our job is creating strong, professional relationships to help our candidates and clients reach success.

Robert Richardson says, "We've been established for over ten years, so we understand the importance of advising candidates on the market and what they can be doing to increase their chances of reaching their goals. It's not a transactional relationship; we want to create long-lasting connections for the future."

Josh Bull says, "the relationships can extend beyond just finding a role, as they can become friends, and they can become clients in the future."

"I had a candidate we placed into a senior role who was later promoted internally, and just recently, he reached out with a role he needs to fill, approaching JDP first because of how much he enjoyed the process of finding his own role with us. It's a shining light moment."

Josh Bull says to create lasting relationships, JDP balances being both professional and personable in our work.

"Empathy is something that you need to have to be a great recruitment consultant; you need to be able to understand people and relate to them on that level. It's one of the core things that JDP values and, I think, excels at doing—it sets us apart from other consultancies."


Rachel Comber says, “we feel the need to connect in both personal and professional ways at JDP. I like to grab a tea with my clients and candidates to discuss work, but I also love to get to know them personally too.”


Josh Bull adds that understanding someone and matching a professional's personality with the business is crucial to finding the right fit and something that we take great pride in.

"Although getting to know the professional life of someone and what they've achieved is key, I think getting to know a candidate on a personal level is just as important, if not more so.”

"When you're sending someone off into a workplace where they'll spend 40 hours a week, you need to make sure it's going to be a place where they'll enjoy themselves too. That personal connection is really important."


"Making an impact on someone's life is one of the most special things about recruitment," says Josh Bull.

Looking for your next role?

Rachel Comber says for the software development industry that, "there are a lot of exciting start-ups who are advertising to bring fresh talent to their exciting causes.”

“These are great for the junior to mid candidates especially, as they’re being exposed to multiple elements within the business model, which helps them navigate their career options at an early stage and fast-track their learning curve.”

“So, if you’re keen to improve your skills as a .net developer (or even up-skill to work as a full stack dev), we’re currently partnering with some great start-ups that could kick start your career!” she says.

So, if you're seeking a Sydney recruitment agency and are after a personalised recruitment experience, then reach out to some of our Sydney team—we’re more than happy to have a chat in person, over the phone, on Zoom, or through email.


Reach out to us!


Robert Richardson at 0466 655 056 or

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Or Rachel Comber at 0411 411 470 or to find your next role or employee in the Marketing, Development, or Design space!