Kids vs Dogs in the workplace
Dogs & Kids in office
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Kids or dogs in the workplace? We've mapped out some of the pros and cons of taking the little guys to work so you can decide what's best for your office.

At Just Digital People, we're no stranger to having our colleagues bring dogs into the office—if you read our pros and cons of dogs in the workplace blog post, you'd know.

Having friendly dogs wandering around the office makes our day. But we know some workplaces prefer their colleagues to bring their children in. So, which one is better? We've mapped out some pros and cons of each so you (and your office) can decide.

Kid pros:

Can reduce parents' financial stress

Bringing children into the office can reduce a parent's financial stress saving them from day care bills. (Because as much as it would be easier, unlike a dog, you can't just leave them at home unattended to, and day care is expensive!).

Ipad's save the day

If they won't sit still, you can give them an iPad, and they'll be quietly entertained for hours.

They won't sh!t on the floor

—needless to say, but a plus.

Kid cons:

Have tantrums

While your child mightn’t some (not all) kids have tantrums, and when they do, all hell breaks loose. So, when that's combined with being in the office, it's an ear-piercing and migraine-inducing day.

They talk and talk and talk

Although it can be sweet, kids that keep talking can be distracting in the office—especially when you need to meet deadlines.

Take up space in the office

Unlike dogs, they won't just quietly crawl under your desk to nap in a little ball. Kids can take up a lot of space if they're using a desk, and if they're left to the ground, they could make a mess and stain the carpet with crayons.

Dog pros:

They reduce stress

Having dogs in the office is becoming more common because they can help reduce employees' stress, creating a comfortable and happier work environment—it works for us!

Boost productivity levels

And while they reduce stress, they can also increase everyone’s motivation, boosting work productivity, and bringing employees closer together. 

Dog cons:

They have zoomies

For some they might find this distracting from work, but sometimes watching them run in circles is funny and entertaining.

They sh!t on the floor

From time to time, there might be a surprise on the floor—even if they’re trained, it can happen—but you could put a dog nappy on; voilà issue solved.

Someone might be allergic

If someone in the office is allergic to dogs this can throw them off for the day.

So, there you have it; take these to decide for yourself. Leave us a comment about which one you prefer to have in the office.

On a serious note, do you have a question for us? If you're a job seeker on the lookout for your next role or a hiring manager looking to fill a position, contact us at Just Digital People! We're here to help you succeed.