JDP’s Spotlight on our Melbourne Principal Consultant Dom & Talent Scout Nat
Office life
Meet Dom and Nat, our Principal Consultant and Talent Scout from the Melbourne office! We've put the spotlight on the two superstars to ask them about their roles at JDP and their recent winnings for highest-performing consultant and talent scout for Q2 2022.

Shoutout to Dom and Nat for winning JDP’s highest-performing consultant and talent scout for Q2 2022. We sat down with the pair to ask them some questions about themselves, their roles, and their winning formula!

What’s your role at JDP?

Dom: “I’m a Principal Consultant here at JDP covering Software & Data Engineering and Data Analytics. The time has flown by, considering I’ve been here for close to 2 years.”

Nat: “I’m a Candidate Manager sitting in the Melbourne Software team. I’ve worked at JDP for close to 8 months now!”

Share with us the upsides of your job

Dom: “One of the main things that I love about JDP is that everyone likes working here and has a positive attitude. Recruitment can be a hard slog at times but working with a bunch of people who get on well, enjoy their work, and can have a laugh makes it a lot easier.”

Nat: “The team here in Melbourne and even our extended team in Brissy are a bunch of legends, and that truly makes it a hell of a lot easier to want to come to work.”

What did it feel like winning your award?

Dom: “Well, it’s an awesome feeling, haha! We have a great team here, and achieving that wouldn’t be possible without James, Natalie, Hannah, Ana, Ciaran, Alex, Justine… the list goes on! It’s fun competing against yourself and trying to do things better than your previous quarters.”

Nat: “The feeling was surreal! I was super proud of myself for achieving that in my first quarter; it was not easy, but luckily, I have great support here in Melbs, which made it possible to achieve such an amazing goal in my first quarter.”

Have you found your calling?

Nat: “I have been really enjoying recruitment and feel every day I am learning more and more, but I am trying to decide whether I like the sourcing side or to become a consultant and do the complete 360.”

Do you see yourself growing with JDP?

Dom: “Absolutely, there is always room for continuous improvement in this career — in the way you work, having better relationships with clients and candidates, and our team has grown at a phenomenal rate. We had a team of four consultants in Melbourne when I started and now, we are soon to be 15, so there is plenty of exciting things in the pipeline to say the least!

Recruitment can be stressful! How do you persevere?

Dom: “Compared to some jobs, what we deal with isn’t stressful at all, but it can sure be frustrating! You just have to keep on going with things; if it were easy, then I probably wouldn’t enjoy it so much!”

Nat: “It can be absolutely stressful! What I find helps if you ever feel stressed or pressured (which I have experienced already) is just sharing it with your peers. I have some flat days, but I always make sure to let Dom or Faz know how I am feeling, and they will always give me a little pep talk and remind me that it’s okay to feel that way in recruitment.”

Where do you think the development space is heading?

Dom: “A lot of things have happened in the last few years when it comes to the world of work; the tech space is at the forefront of innovation for nearly all other sectors, and it’s great to see countless Australian businesses do well here and on a global scale.”

Nat: “From my experience so far, I have learnt that the Software space can change so fast, there can be a week of layoffs across multiple different companies, but the next week there will be a huge boom in new roles and people starting new positions. I think in the Software space, there will always be the perfect role out there for someone, so it’s never-ending, really.”