JDP’s Spotlight on our Melbourne Managing Partner James Farrey
Office life
We've put the spotlight on our Melbourne Managing Partner, James Farrey, who's been working at Just Digital People for almost seven years! We sat down with James for a quick Q&A to talk about his career in recruitment and his role here at JDP. Read what he has to say!

We sat down with James Farrey to talk about all things recruitment, how he came to work for JDP, and what he loves about his role.

What’s your role and how long have you worked for JDP?

“I’m the Managing Partner of Victoria for Just Digital People; I’ve been in this role since 2018 and initially began my journey here at JDP in 2016. I joined not long after the Melbourne office was set up. Now we’re about to turn ten, and I’ve been here for about seven years of them!”

How did you meet our Founder Ciaran and become a Managing Partner of JDP?

“Before here, I was in a recruitment job in Edinburgh, Scotland, doing accountancy and finance recruitment. After that I decided to travel around Europe and then headed to South-East Asia and Australia. I ended up spending all my money (probably too much on Pad Thai) and realised I needed a job. 

 So, I applied to a couple of Seek adverts, and one of them was for JDP. At the time, I was used to more corporate recruitment agencies, but Ciaran’s advert for JDP was quite funny, was presented with jokes, and the brand seemed quite cool, so I put my hat in the ring for it without any tech experience. Long story short, we spent three hours chatting away, and he offered me the job a day later. 

Then I worked my way through the business. I started as a consultant, helped build the business in Melbourne and grew the client base, becoming one of the top billers in the city. Then I showed an interest in leadership and spoke to Ciaran about it; essentially, he progressed me through to a management role, and I’ve loved it.”

What do you like most about recruitment and what made you want to be a part of this industry?

“I was a green-eyed student, so money probably motivated me at first. I had a few mates who were in recruitment who said it would suit my personality and my work ethic and initially, I was looking to get into tech sales, so I thought, ‘right, I’ll give recruitment a go,’ and I just fell in love with it. 

You learn to work with different people and see how everyone operates. You get to have fun, ask genuine questions, and build meaningful relationships. Those relationships aren’t just work-related either; some of them have ended up turning into really great friendships. What’s important to me is genuinely helping people and making a difference.”

What key things do you look for in someone who wants to work at JDP?

“The main thing for me is the attitude—someone who is low ego and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Coming in with a smile on their face and ready to work is the main thing. It doesn’t matter if you have ten years of experience or no experience; I want the attitude to be the same. Someone who’s driven and passionate and not only works hard but does things the right way.”

Where would we find you outside of work?

“The pub haha. I’m a massive football fan and I play a match every Sunday. I also like to play golf for the social aspect, but I’m sh!t at it. And I’m a big cinema buff, usually there about once a week as well. Melbourne’s got plenty of restaurants, so you’ll find me there, too; I think I’ve worked through my fair share of them. My wife and I are big fans of Indian food.”

What do you like about going into the office every day?

“A lot of people in the office are close friends. I think being in the office with people you enjoy working with makes it a lot easier. Seeing someone succeed by hitting a target or earning a big commission and seeing the difference that makes is truly amazing. Recruitment is something I genuinely love doing; there’s never a dull day. You always get your highs and lows, but the highs outweigh those lows every time.”