JDP Turns Eight!
JDP founder, Ciaran O'Donnell reflects on the past 8 years since has started, and the peculiarities that this year brought to the business.

13.2.13. No that isn't the pin number to my mobile phone, it is actually the year JDP was born. For those who follow us on the socials you might even have seen a few drinks that were had in celebration for such an occasion!

I have since reflected on the past year and although there have been some low points, I feel there have been many learnings and even some highlights, which I wanted to share with you.

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The initial impact of C19 brought so many of us closer together. There were people whom I had not spoken to for years who reached out, looking for either advice or to offer their support and general best wishes.

We are not in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm

It was clear that we were entering into unknown territory with much uncertainty, but I could sense that as a community we would pull through. To all those who gave me advice it will always be remembered, to those who asked for help I will always be happy to help where I can, it is in my nature. To those who felt they had no one to reach out to - feel free, I am always just a phone call away.

In hindsight, I am actually very grateful for the opportunity to slow down from the daily recruitment demands to go and speak to so many people and build relationships that otherwise might never have happened.

The other thing that stood out to me, especially within this business, was how everyone was so supportive to one another. I hope every other business witnessed something similar, it truly was amazing to see. There were some individuals who really stepped up to show leadership qualities, which was great to witness first hand and reinforced that I am surrounded by amazing people.

C19 I would like to think has enabled everyone to reflect on what is important, who we cherish, as well as notice both the best and worst with human behavior and hopefully all the things not to do in the future!

So as I look at this business my goal is to continue to build on these relationships, to be in the position to do good things for the community and as always continue to help people find amazing jobs.

So to everyone who has worked with JDP over the past 8 years - I truly thank you.