Is Your City Currently a Thriving Technology Cluster?
Technology Clusters
If you haven't heard, CSIRO released a report last month outlining a geographical map of Australia's digital centres with three super-clusters being Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney! How could this affect you and your career? Find out more below.

Do you work in tech? As Australia keeps growing and our cities keep expanding, it's no surprise that Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra are the top four technology 'super-clusters'.

If you've been following our socials (or you’re known to keep a close eye on the tech sector), you'd know that a new report by CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) and the Tech Council of Australia has recently surfaced in the last month outlining a geographical map of Australia's digital centres… and we don't want to brag, but, yep, we're based in three of them.

Not clued up on all the lingo of what an industry cluster is? To give you a quick rundown, they consist of closely located companies that are in the same field, if not similar and benefit from being near each other as they share ideas and skilled workers, boosting the city's overall economic growth.

Technically, the report shows there are 96 clusters, and as much as we'd love to list all of these for you, we'd much rather dive into the four major super-clusters and what this means for you, your career, and our cities.


So, why is it such a big deal that most of our major Australian cities are technology clusters?

Because companies within these clusters are known to have rapid growth and build wealth on a national scale so, in other words, it's great for us, and it's even better for you.

Everyone wins.


Here are some of the reasons why living in a technology cluster might benefit you:

1.     Job opportunities

If you're a tech professional living in a technology cluster—say no more. You will have a wide range of tech opportunities available right at your fingertips, giving you plenty of job options to choose from to expand your career.


2.     Skill development

With plenty more job opportunities around, you'll be able to up-scale your skills throughout your career at various tech companies, learning from your city's most skilled professionals in the field. Take advantage of it.


3.     High-paying jobs

And with increased skillsets and a whole lot of career advancement, living and working in a technology cluster city can provide a clear route to higher-paying positions meaning greater financial success and monies for you.


4.     Networking

Mingling in a cluster with a number of other like-minded companies also allows for great connections to form (opening new doors for everyone) and encourages collaboration and an exchange of ideas. The more the better.


5.     Lifestyle

As a cluster grows, so does the infrastructure, public services, and quality of life = greater cities and even better lifestyles.


Although this all sounds promising, you could be thinking that these technology clusters might morph our cities into the next Silicon Valley…

But if a city has careful strategies in place—to avoid repeating the Silicon Valley debacle—such as urban planning, infrastructure investment, education development, and more, it's unlikely to follow suit (but don’t hold us to this, it’s just what we’ve heard… and read).


Want to find out more for yourself? Go crazy with this 75-page CSIRO report:


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