Interviewing Questions, Wings, and Things Season 1's Guest and Product Lead Jay Farrell
In case you haven't seen, we're interviewing our previous Questions, Wings, & Things guests heading right back to where it all started in season 1! Take a look at our interview with Jay Farrell talking about the advancements of AI and his thoughts around the topic.

Following up on our Questions, Wings, and Things blog series, we're interviewing our next guest, Jay Farrell, from the first episode we ever filmed, to see where he’s currently at in his career many years and deathly hot sauces later.

Need a refresher? You can watch Jay's episode from 2020 or any of our other recent seasons over on our YouTube Channel!


Q&A with Jay Farrell:


1. Have you had any achievements, or is there anything exciting that has happened in your career since you were last on the show?

I'm no longer with bothello, it's still very much running, but I left to explore new challenges after Covid. I can't share much yet about what we're working on, but we are currently building a few solutions around ChatGPT!

We're building some tools that use bleeding-edge AI to help sales teams close more deals and hit their targets.


2. How has your perspective on your industry or field evolved since we interviewed you on QWT season 1 a few years ago?

My field being AI, lots has changed now with ChatGPT and LLMs (large language models). AI creates a lot of great opportunities for innovation and customer-centric products that solve better outcomes and can be built rapidly and intuitively. There’s exciting times ahead in AI!

The exponential development of LLMs like ChatGPT has truly revolutionised conversational AI and enabled a new world of possibilities for automation, translation, etc. It’s a huge point of focus for us!

I personally believe that AI has taken a huge user experience and interface step forward, from previously being quite clunky (for both developers and users) to now being extremely intuitive to use and build on. It opens up some really cool possibilities for applications that I feel we'll start seeing more of over the next few years.

I'm just looking forward to having my own personal Jarvis!

3. Do you believe you need to work with AI to avoid being left behind? What are your thoughts?

My only suggestion would be to understand AI & LLMs and understand where it best serves your team or customers in your organisation. At the moment, it best serves to augment an existing workflow to improve scaling factors and efficiency. With a human in the loop, I still feel LLM-driven AI is a while away from significant job risk, but it's evolving at a rapid pace, so who knows?

5. And back to QWT, have you since tried any other spicy challenges, or in all honesty, did the experience put you off spicy foods and sauces altogether?

I have been mentally and physically scarred by those wings, so no challenges since!


6. Lastly, how did your friends, family, or colleagues react to watching you take on the QWT challenge?

The reaction was great! The experience was so much fun, and it was great to share that with the people around me to have a laugh and share the details of my experience (and the great suffering that followed). 10/10 would recommend!


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