Interview Don’ts: Whatever You Do, Don’t Do This in Your Job Interview
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Need to do interview prep? Here's exactly what you shouldn't do on the day of your next interview. Learn from the mistakes of these iconic TV and film interview fails—the best way to interview prep when you're procrastinating.

So, maybe you’ve taken our advice on “Whatever You Do, Don’t Include These Words in Your Resume”, and now you’re facing down the barrel of an upcoming interview. Instead of reading a step-by-step guide on how to impress your interviewer, learn from the mistakes of these iconic TV and film interview fails—an easy way to interview prep when you’re procrastinating. Take note and avoid these interview don’ts:


Step Brothers

It’s probably obvious to most of us that bringing a sibling or friend to a job interview for moral support will backfire—to say the least—but in case you need reminding (or you just want to have a laugh), this clip is a prime example of an absolute trainwreck.

Step Brothers shows us that one of the biggest interview don’ts is constantly calling your interviewer the wrong name and telling them to ‘shut up’ multiple times because this will only turn into a screaming match where profanities are thrown around.

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t wear a tux.

The Internship

When you’re nervous it can be easy to fall into rabbiting on about something, over talking, and saying things you probably shouldn’t, but if there’s anything that you can learn from this miscommunicated mess in ‘The Internship’ is to make sure you know how to make a Zoom call first. If you’ve figured that out, you’re more competent than Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson’s characters—well done.

Try to also be as prepared as you can for insane questions like, “if you are shrunk down to the size of a nickel and were dropped into a blender, how would you escape?”. Be on the ball for anything.

Good Will Hunting

If you’ve decided you don’t want the job anymore, then refrain from emulating Matt Damon’s character and sending your comedic friend into the interview to manipulate the panel for money. In any interview we wouldn’t recommend demanding for a retainer in cash on the spot—unless you want a quick $73.

We have to say that Ben Affleck’s confidence in this scene is next level, persuading the interviewers to give him money out of their own wallets with his amazing sense of self-assuredness—confidence is key, right?


You, Me and Dupree

It’s self-explanatory but the biggest interview don’t is to be blasé and explain that you have a low work ethic and no desire to put in any effort towards your new role.

And seriously, asking for extra vacation days and demanding unreasonable work perks during your job interview is almost like asking to be rejected on the spot.

The Office

Dwight Schrute might think that having multiple different resumes to hand in is a competitive advantage but seriously when you’re providing a resume keep it short—and for everyone’s sake please provide just the one resume, there’s no need for three (no one’s got time for that).

Oh, and pick the words you choose to describe yourself carefully. ‘Merciless’ isn’t the type of trait anyone wants to hear (well, except for Dwight Schrute of course).


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