In Light of National "I Love Reese's Day" We've Put the Spotlight on Reese Provost
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Happy "I Love Reese's Day!" In light of the observed day for Reese's Pieces, we interviewed our very own Reese Provost about recruitment, her life, and her love for the peanut butter and chocolate cups.

This week we interviewed Reese Provost to talk about all thing’s recruitment, her role, and of course, considering May 18th is “I Love Reese’s Day”, about her love for Reese’s Pieces The Hershey Company.

1.    How long have you worked at JDP, and how did you become a recruiter?

"I have been at JDP for one year and nine months now; some days, I feel like I just started; other days, I feel like part of the furniture!

I became a recruiter by accident, really. I didn't have a typical CV, having been in hospitality for a long time, then working on yachts and becoming a landscaper—I could essentially pour drinks, tie knots, and prune roses, haha. 

After having quite a few bad experiences with recruiters, I decided if you can't beat them, join them. I figured it wouldn't be hard to be better than the other recruiters I had experienced!"


2.    What was your first impression of JDP?

"My first impression was Ciaran O'Donnell talks a lot, Sam Needs knows a lot of people, and Kierstin McQuown is such a lovely human, and I knew I would love working with her. When I was trying to find my new role in Brisbane, I wanted a really fun team, flexibility, and not to have to dress corporate, and JDP gives you that."


3.    What do you like most about your role?

"Actually, just two weeks ago, I bumped into a candidate I placed in a role about three years ago with my last recruitment company. She ran up to me and gave me a hug and told me the role had changed her life. She is the happiest she has ever been and absolutely loves going to work every day. Those encounters are the best!

Also, the feeling of when you work with a client for a while and build trust. I have been really lucky to have built teams for some clients. Those relationships are incredible."

4.    What do you look forward to when heading into the office?

"Mostly the banter; we have an awesome team in Brisbane. There are so, so many jokes and laughs daily; it makes it so easy to walk through the doors. No one takes themselves too seriously, we all get along, and we all want to help each other succeed."


5.    Where would we find you outside of work?

"Getting those steps in with the dog! Vena loves a sniff around and catching a frisbee, so I'm at the dog park every afternoon. I also like going to see comedy, live music, playing pool, or going to beer festivals. I just started volunteering at an old folk’s home, too, so hanging with the oldies once a week!"


6.    And, Reese, because it's "I Love Reese's Day" do you love Reese's Pieces?

"I do love Reese's Pieces! But they are really hard to find! I never seem to see them here, but when I go back to the United States, I always buy a pack or two."


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