Here's How to Give a Really Powerful Handshake to Assert Your Confidence
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Don't know if your handshake is confident enough? Well, if you're having trouble asserting your dominance, here's a detailed (and not-so-serious) guide on faking it till you make it.

Okay this topic might be a bit random, but handshakes are universal. No matter what job you’re in we bet you’ve got to give someone a handshake every now and then.

Ever given a handshake and it flops like a dead, cold fish? 

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Like this one above?

If you're having trouble asserting your confidence through handshakes, we’ve outlined a very detailed guide on faking it till you make it.

Want a serious guide though? Then make sure you read to the bottom.

*Keep in mind these steps were created for your entertainment, but if you actually want to follow through with these, who are we to stop you?


1.    Get into the right mindset

Don't treat it like you're shaking hands with good ol' Joe down the road. It’s much more critical than that, almost as critical as gripping the last roll of toilet paper at a Black Friday sale.

Treat it like a competition that you really, really want to win and imagine that same level of determination you have before a game and channel that into your powerful handshake.


2.    Walk over with confidence

This is an underrated part of the process. You can’t just saunter up to someone like you’re on a Sunday stroll in the park, that won’t cut it. Instead stride over to your hand-shakee with your head held high with large, long strides, and arms swaying back and forth like you own the place. *Siri cue ‘U Can’t Touch This’ by MC Hammer.

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Just make sure you don’t trip over your own two feet, a rogue banana peel, or an imaginary obstacle. The last thing you want is to break an elbow and end up being escorted to the ER by your hand-shakee.


3.    Act smart

Once you’re a few metres away and in earshot, shout ‘THIS GUY’ as you walk in followed by greeting them with intelligent, long words that will make you seem like a walking dictionary. (Just make sure that what you’re saying actually makes sense).

Try something like, “the traffic was absolutely abysmal today. Did you have to take a circuitous and meandering route, too?”


4.    Extend your arm and give a strong, powerful handshake

There’s a fine line with handshakes; don't shake their hand too tight where they begin to flinch and cry out in agonising pain, but just firm enough where they begin to sweat from the fear of you popping their veins.

5.    Maintain constant eye contact

And when giving that person a powerful handshake, make sure you maintain strong eye contact. Whatever you do, don’t look away.


In all seriousness though, avoid these:

  • The double-handed handshake: Putting your other hand over theirs and patting it.
  • The aggressive handshake: Pulling someone's arm almost out of their socket.
  • The finger grip handshake: Gripping the other person's fingers rather than their whole hand.


…and avoid these viral Trump handshakes:


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