Heard Of the Recent Python User Group Meetups? Here’s What You Missed and a Glimpse of What’s Next!
In case you haven’t noticed, our Software Development Consultant Thaís Amorim, alongside Developer Advocate Renaldi Gondosubroto, have been hosting Python User Group Meetups. Here’s what the first entailed and what you can expect at the next one—grab your tickets now!

Over a month ago JDPs Melbourne Software Development Consultant Thaís Amorim alongside Developer Advocate Renaldi Gondosubroto hosted the ‘Inaugural Python User Group Meetup’ bringing the community together for discussions about the future of Python.

Thaís Amorim says, “For someone who works in the space, it was important for me to be a part of hosting an event for the continuously emerging Python and Development ecosystem.”

With over 65 people in attendance, the meetup was filled with plenty of highlights including long discussions forming around GIL, its use cases, and the future of it.

But in case you missed the first of the many Melbourne Python User Group Meetups, did you know there’s another around the corner on Tuesday the 5th of December?—make sure you grab your ticket before you miss out.

This month's Melbourne Python User Group


So, what did the event cover?

  • Key trends in the community with an emphasis on Generative AI and use cases within Python
  • The impact of GIL (Global Interpreter Lock) on Python
  • The significance of PEP 703 for the language in making GIL optional and understanding alternatives and challenges to it

“These learnings have provided more to the attendees’ toolkit and will certainly benefit them as they navigate their Python experience, whether they be beginners or advanced practitioners,” says Renaldi Gondosubroto.

“The attendees responded positively towards the networking elements of the meetup, as they were able to discuss best practices and find opportunities for collaboration. Being involved in some of those conversations, it’s great to see that the topics discussed, such as GIL and Generative AI, brought up much curiosity. It’s always great to see these kinds of discussions taking place, and I’m sure those in the industry have found it valuable.”


We also spoke to Renaldi Gondosubroto about why it’s worthwhile for developers to attend future Python User Group Meetups. “It is very important to keep up to date with the latest in Python, and with the trends in Generative AI or with the changes in using GIL, as it will have an impact on what you perform day-to-day in developing with Python,” he says.

What can you expect at the second instalment of this meetup?

Renaldi Gondosubroto says, “Attendees can look forward to more networking opportunities and great talks at the upcoming Python User Group Meetups. We certainly have some great topics planned and expert speakers for the next one, including creating 3D visualisations with Python and understanding the need for low-level details in Python despite it being a high-level language, delivered by Daniel Stojanov from Coles Group and Imron Alston from Judo Bank respectively.”


If you’re an aspiring Python Developer or are currently in the industry and looking to expand your knowledge within the field, secure your ticket so you don’t miss out on the last event of the year.

“The Python community’s back and better than ever, so head on down for some great learning and networking; you never know the opportunities that it can bring you!” says Renaldi Gondosubroto.

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