Hear From Experts About the Future of SEO At Our Upcoming Marketing Event
We're holding an upcoming marketing event on the "Future of SEO and How it will Affect your Digital Marketing Strategy"? We will have a mix of Founders, SEO Leads, and Digital Directors sharing their thoughts on the future of SEO, so if you're in the Brisbane marketing industry, this is an event you'll want to mark in your calendars now!

In case you haven’t heard, our next marketing event is in the works! In a few weeks—Thursday, August 3rd—the “Future of SEO and How it will Affect your Digital Marketing Strategy” will be held right here in our Just Digital People offices.

We spoke to our marketing division and hosts, Ally Johnson, Sam Dopking, and Alisa Grove, to find out what we can expect from the event.

Our Marketing Account Manager, Ally Johnson, says, “With technology moving so fast it’s an opportunity for people in the marketing industry to attend and think about the bigger picture and how they can get ahead of the game with their SEO and Paid Search efforts.”

“It’s for professionals who want to forward plan their career, develop their skills, and tap into the AI side of things and what the future looks like.”

The audience listening to speakers from our most recent marketing event


So, what topics will be covered on the night?

SEO VS PPC—Will they work with or against each other in the future?

Ally Johnson says, “This topic will focus on the question of whether SEO and PPC are going to compete with each other, or work together in the future, and whether it’s worth putting all the effort into investing in SEO when you could get quick wins with paid search?”


How AI will affect the Future of SEO—Will the likes of ChatGPT change volumes and approach to search?

“This topic will focus on how AI could potentially disrupt the SEO game, with content creation being more accessible, and cheaper to achieve. This could result in higher competitiveness, and will this amend the search engine algorithm?”

The evolution of Search Engine Expansion—What other platforms are/will users be searching on?

“Brands are using other methods such as social media (particularly TikTok) now to target people, so will that change the way we search moving forwards? Are businesses who aren’t using video as informative content missing a trick by not treating it as a separate search engine?” she says.


And who are the speakers?

On the night, we’ll have three guest speakers—a mix of Founders, SEO Leads, and Digital Directors—covering these marketing topics in individual presentations. 

Our Marketing Consultant, Sam Dopking, says, “We’re gathering three talented individuals who have several years’ experience in the digital space and have lots of knowledge and insights to share on the future of SEO.”

Ally Johnson adds that after the presentations, there’ll also be the chance for attendees to partake in a small Q&A session to talk about the topics.

A charcuterie board with cheese and fruit from our previous marketing event

As well as hearing from three experts, you’ll also have the opportunity to network in your field…

Ally Johnson says, It’s not just about the event. You’ll have the chance to talk to other people in the industry and find more about what’s going on in marketing as well.”

While our Marketing Candidate Manager, Alisa Grove, says, “Not only is it educational for people to attend, but it’s also a great way for people in the industry to meet new faces and build on their networks. They can speak to other marketing professionals, share knowledge, and make new connections for their own personal career.”



Times are changing quickly, so instead of spending countless hours researching the evolution, why not come and hear what these experts have to share about the ever-changing marketing industry for free?

Sam Dopking says, “It’s a great way for people to expand their expertise on this subject and implement it into their strategy.”

Of course, we’ll also provide wine, beer, soft drinks, and a cheese platter on the night!


Don’t miss out—register your spot on our Eventbrite page! We’ll see you on Thursday, August 3rd, at 19/160 Ann Street, Brisbane City, at 5:30 pm to talk about all things the future of SEO!