Hear Experts Talk About the Effects of AI On the Design Industry at IxDA's Next Brisbane Event!
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Are you concerned about what effects AI might have on your career? If you’re a designer or working within a similar space, you won’t want to miss IxDA’s next Brisbane event—“All about AI”.

Calling all Brisbane designers! Want to learn from a Prompt Engineer and hear all about the potential of AI and how it might affect your job? Then you'll want to mark November 2nd in your calendar for the Interaction Design Association's (IxDA) sixth Brisbane event—"All About AI" sponsored by JDP.

We spoke to the event's host, Johanna Bullin, to get an insight into IxDA's upcoming event in Brisbane.

"The whole focus is to try and connect the design community. There's a lot of non-designers who come to it as well, which I really love," Johanna Bullin says.

So, who will be on the panel, and what is the event's focus?

Attendees will find Carl Gribble, the Co-Founder & Director of Prompt Engineering at Dorothi AI; Morgen Carson, the Principal Product Manager & BA at Pipefish; Timothy Falchi, Director Design Strategy for Services Australia; and Kim M., the Lead Service Designer & Researcher at Nutrien Ag Solutions discussing all things AI in relation to design on the night.

"The panel is really a mixture of design leaders who are all going to discuss the things that everyone's thinking about when it comes to AI—the ethical side of it, how it could potentially bring in bias in terms of how it's working, and the responsibility designers have around AI.

I think there could be some really big differences of opinion on some of these subjects, but I think it's a topic that needs discussing.

It's going to be potentially controversial and interesting to see a room full of designers who are worried about their roles getting structured by AI and having a Prompt Engineer demonstrating how they can actually use ChatGPT to speed up their synthesis of research and parts of UX," she says.


A further dive into the topics:

Some of the topics that you can expect to hear will be based around...


  • Is generative AI truly creative? If so, what does that mean for the future of creatives? 
  • Autonomous generative AI could have the ability to completely replace workers, but at what costs and risks to society?
  • What benefits can be accrued from human-AI collaboration, and what risks exist?
  • Are we in danger of losing our jobs to AI? 
  • What might the future of hiring look like? Will employers require us to have AI skills?
  • And considering what biases are built into AI.


"No matter what level you're at, you're going to get exposed to different opinions and experiences at this event.”

Johanna Bullin says it’s a chance to make new connections, converse with others about these topical subjects and learn from those with more industry experience.

After the event, there'll also be free drinks and nibbles at the Prince Consort (on us!), where you can continue the night's conversation. 



Take advantage of the chance to make new local connections and find possible career opportunities at “All About AI”. We'll see you at the Skedulo offices at 47 Warner Street, Fortitude Valley, on Thursday, November 2nd, from 5:30 p.m.!

Being the last IxDA Brisbane event of the year, make sure you register your ticket on Humanitix now before they're gone!