Get The Scoop on Next Week's Star Wars Software Development Event
Did you hear we're holding another Software Development event on May the fourth? Get all the details about our upcoming Star Wars inspired event—Talk is Cheap: Show Me the Code Episode III The Revenge of the Script!

In case you haven’t heard, we’re hosting another Software Development networking night next Thursday, which conveniently falls on the 4th of May for our Star Wars theme.

‘Talk is Cheap: Show Me the Code Episode III - Revenge of the Script’ will be our Software Development team’s third instalment of ‘Talk is Cheap’, held by none other than our consultants Kierstin McQuown and Aaron Mancy.

We sat down with our Software Development Lead Consultant Kierstin McQuown, to get the inside scoop on the event.

“I love Star Wars. I think it’s an amazing franchise, and I’ve always thought May the 4th is a fun date, and I love the creativity behind some of the stuff people do.”

“When I realised that it fell on a Thursday (the day we do our meetups), I thought it was just meant to be. I’m thinking of going all out and finding cheap Star Wars decorations and props, and I’m probably going to wear a costume for fun because why not?”


Expect to hear some Star Wars topics and of course, wit.

“We’re seeing if the topics can be Star Wars themed!” Kierstin McQuown says—we wouldn’t expect any less. And what would a Just Digital People event be without its humour? So, gear up for an event filled with Star Wars puns and jokes.


Our presenters/Jedi Masters of the night will be:


“So, they’ll still show you the code but from their high-level experience and how important it is to stay on the tools,” Kierstin McQuown says.


Have we convinced you yet? Here’s what you’d be missing out on:

“I just genuinely see the value that the events add, and they create a good community. They’re not just a community they’re a community of friends now.”— Kierstin McQuown

Our Software Development events also always come with some entertaining banter.

“The first show me the code the way that Linton Pinto and Lenita Pinto paid each other out, and the banter between them was hilarious, and Alec Bassingthwaighte and Ben Schulz with their real-time piano playing and dabbing on stage was so funny.” Trust us; you can count on these events to be anything but boring.


And there’s the possibility to get your foot in the door…

Kierstin McQuown says, “Don’t miss out on a chance to take that step to potentially meet a new friend. Brisbane’s small; any of the people you meet could be a boss, hiring manager, or future colleague later down the line.”


Not to mention there will be a BIG announcement!

"There will be something BIG for the end of the year. Come along to this next may the fourth event because, hopefully, we’ll be making a bigger announcement for what’s to come next!” Kierstin McQuown wraps up with.


Don’t miss out! We’ll see you next Thursday at 19/160 Ann Street, Brisbane City, at 5:30 pm!