Excuse-Making 101: 10 Excuses to Get Out of Social Work Events
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Social events... sometimes we're pumped for them, and other times... not so much. Here's some excuses you can use next time (we can't guarantee they're exactly legitimate, but for a Thursday laugh, take a look!)

Everyone knows the feeling of being invited to go out for celebrations but not wanting to go. Usually, people make up believable (ish) excuses to ditch, but have you thought about an excuse that’ll make the person wish they never asked you in the first place?—use at your own risk.

Or you could choose to take the high road and just be upfront about it… your choice.

*Just know that most of these will probably end your working relationships, and that’s on you, not us.

1.    I’m grieving

Say your sister-in-law’s mother’s best friend’s son’s next-door neighbour’s fish passed away, and you can’t bear to go out yet.

2.    I already have an event on

You already have an event to attend. Quickly think about what month it is. November? Diwali festival. March? A St Patrick’s Day parade. Any event will do. And say it only happens once a year, it’s your tradition, and a lot of people are counting on you, so there’s no way you can back out of it.

3.    My kid is playing up

Say you have a school parent-teacher interview to attend… for your dog… at 8 pm on a Saturday night… because he’s misbehaving at day-care, and you just won’t tolerate that kind of behaviour anymore.


4.    I’m allergic

Say you can’t attend the event because you’re allergic to small talk.


5.    I have personal preferences for when I leave the house

Give your friend a heads up for future invites by telling them that you don’t like leaving the house on any day that ends in a ‘y’. Excuse-making at its finest.


6.    I’ll be out of the country

Say, you’re flying out that night! Oops, it’s the night before? Quickly backtrack and say you’re hopping on a flight the night before too. Busy, busy, busy times.


7.    I’ll ruin your event

With complete sincerity, say talking to strangers makes you physically ill, and you wouldn’t want to have explosive diarrhoea at their event.


8.    For my own safety, I can’t go

Say you’re being inducted into witness protection that day, and you’ll have a new identity by then. So, for your own safety, ask them to please stop calling you by your name and inviting you to events.


9.    *Cough cough. I’m sick

You’ve got a feeling you’ll be sick by then because it happens EVERY time you get invited to social events… you’re just unlucky like that.


10. I’m trying to be less popular.

Someone’s got to be.

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