Do You Have a Great Boss? Find Out With These 4 Signs
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Not sure if you've got a great boss? Find out with these 4 signs we've mapped out below...

Here’s to the ones that:


Don’t slam doors in your face

They don’t use your face as a doorstep slamming doors shut in your face day in and day out (both figuratively and literally speaking). The best bosses open doors for you. They let you learn and grow within your role, allowing you to up-skill, learn more, and refine your talents instead of keeping you stuck going round and round on a never-ending hamster wheel like Groundhog Day—because that’s not fun, unless you’re an actual hamster.


Forgive you for problems you thought would get you fired

Newbies (and even employees who have worked at a company for years) make mistakes sometimes.

And when you think it’s The. Biggest. Freaking. Problem. Ever. and convinced you’re going to get fired, a great boss supports the issue instead of adding to it. They’re willing to forgive your mistakes—they don’t let you go for something stupid; they aren’t ruthless like that. They’re like a true friend… but with a pay check (even better).


Help you get your sh!t together after making a mistake

But after a while, if you keep making the same mistake, any boss might give you the boot. Fair call. But mistakes are made; it’s human error, and we’re not robots (not yet at least, here’s looking at you ChatGPT). But the best bosses don’t just forgive us for our slip-ups (although that’s a massive plus), they also help us instead of letting us drown in our mistakes.

And we can probably bet that at least once, you’ve stuffed up, panicked, and thought, ‘sh!t, how am I going to fix this?’ Everyone can probably relate. At times we all need a little help cleaning up our messes and that’s when the best bosses help us pick our sh!t back up again to succeed.

They don’t let you panic about your mistake for hours, days, or weeks on end, but are hands-on figuring out the situation with you, talking you through it, and maybe even handling some of the problem with you.


Pat you on the back for your top-notch work

When you have a boss that gives you feedback, communicates, and pats you on the back is when you know you have a hands-on and supportive leader, encouraging you to achieve better.

Great bosses, supportive bosses, the best bosses acknowledge your success because they feel the need to recognise and reward your efforts.

If you’ve got a boss who gives you a ‘good work mate’, a slap on the shoulder, or something of the kind it’s safe to say you’re in the hands of supportive management. And if they give you a gold star on your forehead, well, that’s just an extra bonus.

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