Did You Know We Just Turned Double Digits? This is What Our Team Had to Say
Did you know that we turned 10? We're so damn excited about the future and doing more of what we love—placing you in your dream role and helping companies find their dream employees ✨ So to celebrate our milestone, we wanted to share what our team has to say about hashtag #JDP10. Take a look!

"We're celebrating our 10th year as a company which is a monumental time for any business and is something I'm personally quite proud of”Ciaran O'Donnell, Founder of Just Digital People.

Yep, this week marks our birthday—we’re officially a decade old.

So, to mark 10 years of JDP, we're celebrating the best way we know how—with flowing drinks and food, as well as reflecting on life at JDP with some of our company's past and present employees, Managing Partners, and of course the man behind it all, our Founder.

Ciaran O'Donnell takes us back to the beginning, "I remember working in our first office on Eagle Street; that felt like such a big deal.”

“Looking at what the business was then to what it is now and how far we've come in 10 years is amazing."

JDP’s first ever employee, Jared Tredly adds to this with, “back then we were in a little share space, we had only two desks and our internet wouldn’t work so we tethered off our mobile phones, and that was day one.”

While our Melbourne Managing Partner, James Farrey, reflects on when he came to the business in 2016.

"When I first arrived, I sent my resume and LinkedIn profile to Ciaran with a thin, handsome black and white photo of myself from university, and I walked into the office and Ciaran said 'you catfished me'.” 

"I joined the business because of how JDP communicates to the market; that tongue-in-cheek is good fun. And after meeting Ciaran, it really set that alive. Before, I didn't realise you could be yourself with recruitment." Before adding, "I'm a tongue-in-cheek guy myself."

Our Software Development Team Lead, Kierstin McQuown, also recalled her first meeting with Ciaran.

"During my first interview, I asked Ciaran, 'why do you like to work at JDP?' He said he wanted to create JDP as a place where he would like to go to work. A place where he wants to go, and other people want to go, and I think that's what he's created with JDP."

"Watching people come in and feel like they can truly be themselves and they're encouraged for it is amazing. I've never worked for any company like this before; that's what I love most about JDP."

Our QLD and NSW Managing Partner Sam Needs says, "we bring our raw and filtered selves; that's all I can say about the guys at JDP—it's fantastic."

One of our past consultants, Maddie Hunt adds, "everyone can unapologetically be themselves. If I went back to recruitment, I'd definitely be knocking on JDP's door."

For a laugh, we asked:If we did a poll on the most annoying person in the office, who would be the most voted?’

Sam Needs: 

“I would vote for Kierstin McQuown because she doesn’t ever seem to put on weight. Whereas if I went to a couple of gym sessions during the week I’d probably put on a kilo or two. Whereas Kierstin can eat, drink, and do whatever she likes without putting on a goddamn gram haha.”

James Farrey:

Chloe Murphy's got some questionable music that comes out; Irish jiggles. On behalf of someone else, I think Natalie Youkhana would find Patrick Slade the most annoying in terms of him stealing all her snacks and treats. Out of 16 people in the office, I'm going to be generous and say 12 would find me the most annoying. And if they do, they're all sacked; no, I'm joking.”

Sam Norris: 

"The most annoying person in the office is definitely Chloe Murphy and that’s down to her music taste. I’m sick of High School Musical soundtracks, I’m sick of Disney soundtracks. I used to quite like them before that.”

Maddie Hunt: 

“Haha, Ciaran O'Donnell. He just loves to annoy people; he's a pest.”

Kierstin McQuown:

"The most annoying people in the office would have to be the ones who tell me to turn the music down.”

Our other past JDP consultants said:

Jessica Harwood:

“Undoubtedly Ciaran O'Donnell. There is no way anyone wins that award other than the founder himself."

Dayna Dennett:

“It’s got to be James Farrey, but Ciaran O'Donnell’s a close second.”


When asked what they look forward to at work each day:

Sam Needs

"Everything.That's what I like about recruitment. Every day is a new day, every day is different, and everyone is different."


James Farrey:

“What brings me to work is the people, the team."


Kierstin McQuown:

"The people", before adding, "I've learnt so much working for JDP, not just about myself but about recruitment and building relationships. To see how much JDP has changed over the last few years is amazing."


Sam Norris: 

“Definitely the people. There’s never a dull day at JDP.”


Ciaran O'Donnell:

"It's been a brilliant 10 years, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the next 10 have in store. To everyone who's worked with us—thank you very much”.