Couldn’t Make it to Our recent Software Development Event? Here's What you Missed
Couldn't make it to our recent software development event? Here's what you missed ...psst, did you hear we're hosting another one soon? Here's a hint: May the fourth be with you—read below to find out more.

A few weeks ago, Kierstin McQuown and Isabelle Danaher—two of our Consultants on the Software Development team—held the second instalment of ‘Talk is cheap: Show me the code (V2.0.0)’, where beginners to seasoned pros gathered to hear findings from the experts at Software Development companies Genie Solutions and 2500 Ltd.

Our Software Development Lead Consultant Kierstin McQuown, says, “one of the goals when we came up with the first event, was to discuss things that people can’t just find on stack overflow or Google online."

"It’s about finding different topics and ideas that people have had to learn and aren’t necessarily easy to find online.”

Kurt Mahaffey of Genie Solutions expands on this adding that events like these help developers save their time. 

“Especially when you’re not having to learn everything yourself or figure out what to learn. You can get a sort of curated experience where actual developers have done the learning and are here to efficiently explain a certain topic.”

On the night we also spoke with a savvy attendee:

“I definitely get a lot more attainment when I hear it coming from an engaged and excited individual as opposed to forcing myself to read documents, and it gives me a chance to talk to people in the industry,” says attendee and Software Developer Julian Scharf.


In case you missed the event, we’ll give you a quick overview:

So, what did Genie Solutions present?

Elliot Alexander spoke about Monorepos in Typescript, followed by a demo, while Kurt Mahaffey focused on CSS frameworks. He said, “there are lots to be excited about in the world of CSS”, before giving us a demo on Tailwind explaining that this open source is a “great place to learn and experiment.”


And 2500 Ltd?

Well, James Gill taught us the importance of polish (and no, like he said, we’re not talking about actual nail polish here) and discussed its four spheres of influence—all in emojis. And yes, you can bet his presentation was over 100 slides long, filled with emoji after emoji. The. Dedication. It’s safe to say we were entertained and impressed…


Psst, if you haven’t heard we’re holding another event—and sooner than you think!

Clear your calendar for May 4th—where software development meets Star Wars.

"So, it’s a play on words with may the fourth be with you!” says Kierstin McQuown.

Can’t find anyone to attend with you? We’re like a big community here—so no one’s really showing up alone. “I definitely try to reach out to people so they’re not overwhelmed and get a slice of pizza or a drink with them on the night,” says Kierstin McQuown.

So, do yourself a favour and come to our next event on May the 4th! Keep an eye out for more details on this! We look forward to seeing you there.

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