Can You Relate to These Work Woes?
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Work Woes
Do you even work if you haven't experienced at least one of these before?

Do you even work if you haven't experienced at least one of these in your career?

1.     Clicking the wrong recipient or accidentally hitting the "reply all" button to a companywide email

Ever sent someone the wrong email? It happens when people share the same name or even when their names start with the same initial (some days are just like that). Michael Scott can probably relate from this episode of The Office. You live, and you learn.

Or, how about hitting the "reply all" button and you end up sharing way too much information with the entire company when it was just meant for one person's knowledge… awkward. And we don’t know about you, but we can never recall or unsend our emails.

We get so fed up with the technicalities of it all that we wrote a whole blog on just the struggles of it in The Relatable Struggles of Emails—Don't You Hate It When…


2.     Missing your public transport by 1 minute

Every public transport goer will sadly experience this more than they'd like to.

Have you ever sprinted to the train or bus to catch it before it leaves? Doing your best to quickly dodge in and around people and running down the stairs or street just to see the doors closing or the bus driving off. A few internal (or external) profanities might slip out—oops. We've all gone through it.


3.     Accidentally calling your boss "Dad" or "Mum" during a conversation

So, you called your boss, Dad/Daddy or Mum during a conversation? Ever experienced this? At this point, laugh it off and pretend like you did it for comedic effect. "It was an intentional joke". 

If you need to work your way out of this relatable situation, we’ve mapped out a few pointers with our recent blog "Office Slip-Ups: How to Recover After Calling Your Boss 'Dad'"—but take these with a grain of salt.


4.     Sitting on a Zoom conference call and your dog won't stop barking

Can you relate to your dog barking on an important Zoom call? Experienced this more than once before? It's tough being a fur parent.

Anything can set them off. The postman, a bird, even their reflection in the window—there's really no stopping them once they get fixated on something.

5.     Or worse, being in a Zoom meeting for hours when it could've been sent in one email

It’s times like this when you wish your dog would misbehave. Is it just us, or is it like they know when the worst time is to bark?

Being trapped on a long Zoom call when you think it could’ve been sent in one short and snappy email is the beginning of a very, long day.

6.     Not having your coffee fix

To most of us, caffeine is a must in the morning. 

So, when a co-worker takes the last cup of coffee without brewing a new pot... say no more.


7.     Leaving your lunch at home and having to resort to the concrete jungle's expensive prices 

That one time that you actually convince yourself to do meal prep for the week, and you forget to bring your lunch in, and now you have to buy an overpriced sandwich that could have been sitting in a cabinet for days.


8.     The internet crashing

There's nothing worse than having a deadline or something you need to submit by a certain time, and the internet is just not having it. 

Seriously, what would we do without hotspot?


9.     An urgent email appearing in your inbox just as you're about to leave work

Ever received an urgent email as you're packing up for the day to find that you need to unpack, sit down, and switch on your computer again?


10.  Your food exploding everywhere in the microwave 

Have you pressed the auto 3-minute setting, thinking 'that’ll do', before walking away, and then coming back to hear the dreaded popping sound in the microwave like it’s WWIII? Opening the door and seeing last night's curry splattered on the inside of the microwave's four walls is never a good day.

Just clean it up real quick before anyone sees it—like it never happened.



Humour us—how many of these work woes do you relate to?


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