Are you UI or UX?
Or both, or none...

Or both, or none...

There is an absolute wealth of content out there on this topic - it's saturated. But here I am in Brisbane, Australia where I've been specialising in this Digital Design space for the last 4 years with Just Digital People.

I've watched the industry shift and change, I've followed the trends and I've built a multitude of design teams across the state now - so when I approach this topic and subject - It's from my local knowledge coupled with my understanding of the greater design world out there.

Here's a couple of check points that when it comes to being a UI or UX (or both...or none) Designer in Brisbane, you should be able to satisfy to shoot for these kinds of positions.


  • Visual Skills! You are capable of hi fidelity design that's of pixel perfection
  • Colour, Typography, hierarchy of text, consistency in design - these are your base level skills
  • Digital Focused and Interaction - UI means you're designing for a Digital medium that a human needs to interact with - it's not a landing page, it's not a marketing banner - it's a screen/system/app/piece of software - something that is used, not necessarily just viewed!
  • You understand what UX truly is! You're not a full blown UX practitioner, but you understand what it is and how to work with their expertise to craft a better looking and functioning visual experience for your audience.

With that in mind, you can hopefully see the basic distinction between a UI Designer and a graphic designer - you take you graphic knowledge and apply it to a new medium, requiring additional skills and knowledge.


  • You know the theory at the very least! Terminology, techniques - you are familiar with what these are, even if you might not have put these into practice yet.
  • You're a thinker and an empathiser - your job is going to be solving complex problems with design, for a variety of audiences.
  • Rapport building - you're engaging a lot of internal and external stakeholders - you've got interpersonal skills to help forge relationships to get critical information to design better products
  • Process - this can almost get scientific - you're controlling variable and gathering data - Research, Design, test, Implement ... Rinse and Repeat.
  • You are the thinking and the Why behind the UI - your work informs the UI Designs to craft the visuals

This is a huge area of expertise, and this is a very basic explanation, and geo-specific to Brisbane, Aus.

I work with Designers on the daily of all skill levels to help them articulate and present their work in the best possible way. I've helped so many designers transition across these spaces and it's a passion of mine to really advocate for Brisbane to continue to surge ahead as being known as a hub for Quality Design and Innovation.

There's no way this little blog can cover it all - but that's ok, get in touch or comment below to talk it out more with us!

Jared Tredly

I've been at Just Digital People since the start. I run a team of consultants here and we make it our business to work with passion and integrity! When I'm not hanging in the digital realm I pound the drums in a few Blues rock bands around Brisbane!