AI Technology—Embrace the Change OR Risk Falling Behind
AI Technology
Are you still hesitant or fearful of using AI Technology? Here are some reasons that might change your mind if you don't start using it as a resourceful tool now.

When ChatGPT came out (not going to lie), it was a freaking scary thought as unemployment, loss of creativity, and a massive shift in the way we work ran through most of our minds.

The question was (and to some, it still is) should we embrace the change, or do we keep carrying on like it doesn’t exist?

In our opinion, denial is never the answer. But there’s still plenty of people out there who are just as hesitant to embrace the new AI technology as they were six months ago, fearing this change and worried that it’ll (dare we say it) replace human jobs—which is a fair point.

And no one actually knows where AI is going to head in the future or what’s going to happen; for all we know, it could drive the new industrial revolution leading to new jobs—hear more about this on Humanised Group's latest podcast episode—or it could lead to robots ruling the world, as some people argue that AI has risks and will kill creativity.

But for the sake of your career—because AI technology can’t predict the future just yet—we suggest making AI your friend rather than fighting against it.

After all, some people are doing some pretty exciting stuff with it.

Just take a look at this…

If you’re concerned AI might replace your job in the future, here’s some reasons that will worry you more if you don’t embrace the new technology right now:

The risks of not using AI technology in 2023:


Competitive disadvantage

If businesses decide to turn a blind eye to an extra (and free) set of hands, they’re pretty much letting their competitors—those that are welcoming new AI technology with their arms wide open—take the lead. No one wants to willingly turn away an assistant that can help bring more creative ideas to the table and support with producing projects.

If it can help our business level up, that’s a good enough reason for us.


Might lack skills in the future

Okay, this one is for those who think robots are coming for their jobs. We can’t stop the progression of AI but what we can do is learn to work with it and gain new skills.

If you don’t learn everything about AI now, the way it creates, its limitations, weaknesses, and strengths, your competitors who aren’t afraid of it will leverage this chance to secure more job opportunities (including yours) with their newfound skills, which could leave you behind.

Because if there’s anything we know, AI technology will keep advancing, so use it as a resourceful tool to keep your head above water.

Leverage its capabilities for your own benefit.


Wasted time

Time is money, and with new AI technology being so efficient, it can help save employees from completing manual or repetitive tasks, freeing up time for people to work on more critical and creative work and urgent deadlines.

To us, that means more time to devote to working on the projects that really matter.


Want to stay current? Try embracing the change instead of avoiding it.

Take a look at some of the creative tools we believe are changing the game in 2023 that can help you with:


  • Completing emails — Grammarly Go
  • All things writing — ChatGPT
  • Technical graphic design skills — Adobe Generative Tool
  • Creating images — DALL-E 2
  • Summarising information — Perplexity AI


Did we miss a key AI technology tool that you use daily? Let us know below.

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