The pros and cons of dogs in the workplace — according to the JDP team
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Dogs in the office? Seems like a hot topic at the moment so we decided to take it upon ourselves to ask the team here at JDP how they really feel about doggos roaming the workplace.

In a post-COVID world, companies have become more flexible, with plenty of bosses allowing employees to work from home, gain flexible work hours, and bring their furry friends into the office. Life has changed dramatically during the past two years. The pandemic caused a whirlwind that altered everyone’s livelihoods for the better and the worse, where big and drastic decisions were made.

Plenty of people impulsively bought a pandemic pet (we’re not pointing any fingers here), that they now need to take care of — including during the office hours. We all know that dogs are a massive responsibility that need plenty of love and attention, with the office being the perfect place to bring them as owners can earn a living while also looking after their furry friend at once. What’s the saying? Two birds, one stone?

All in all, it seems like an ideal win-win situation, but is it? While some people enjoy having an office with doggos running around and on the loose, others in the workplace tend to feel more against the idea. So, with such split opinions on the topic, we decided to take matters into our own hands and ask our team here at JDP what they think.

Most of the crew was quick to get their opinion in with some negative comments; however, here at JDP, we’ve found much like the rest of the world, our office is also split on the hot topic. Dogs in the office naturally need to toilet, but sometimes that can turn into a complete disaster. We’re talking about stained carpets in the office and, even worse (maybe?) the office carpet next door. Having a dog in the office always means watching where you ditch your food scraps with the rule here being “no chicken bones in the office bins”. Because that results in a $2,000 vet bill…. sorry Reese.

Here at JDP, we have a few regular office dogs that we love to bits that can make the day seem easier and more enjoyable. When the JDP employees thought of the pros of having dogs in the office, they responded, “Vena [our obedient superstar] makes it bearable to be in the office when you don’t want to be in. She puts you in a better mood.” Others added with, “having a dog in the office makes my general mood 174 times better,” and that the furry friends “make the day better”.

It’s common for office workers to feel this way as research has shown that petting a dog drops our cortisol levels, otherwise known as the stress hormone. This creates an environment where employees are happier and feel less stressed, which leads to increased productivity in the office! Having a doggo around also allows you to take a quick break from the screen and turn your attention away from your work for a given moment.

So, the consensus? There’s an even balance of ups and downs that come with having dogs in the office, and the deciding factor should be based on most employees’ values. Although the presence of dogs benefits most people, others just aren’t a fan of the new pet-friendly work environments. Take this conversation from our office as a prime example.

Employee 1: 

“It shat next to my desk last week – that’s a con for me. Also, why are only some people allowed to bring their dogs in and not others?”

Employee 2:

“Because some dogs are mental.”

Employee 1:

“I’d define mental as sh!tting next to my desk.”

There you have it, folks, another typical day in the office. What are your thoughts about dogs roaming the workplace?