The Inside Story of Our New Series with host Alex Milligan
We sat down and got the inside scoop straight from our host and Principal Consultant, Alex Milligan. Ever wondered how the idea for blending golf and tech discussions came about? Alex spills the beans on the inspiration behind the series and gives us a sneak peek into the exciting guests lined up for upcoming episodes!

Ahead of our new series' 'Teeing Up With Tech' debut episode, we sat down with host and Principal Consultant Alex Milligan to pick his brain on how it all came about...

How did the idea for "Teeing Up With Tech" come about, and what inspired you to merge your passion for golf with discussions about the tech industry?

I’ve always wanted to blend golf and work for a while now but for ages I couldn’t think about how to turn that into actual content. I watch a lot of fun golf videos on YouTube and after seeing a few the light bulb went off and here we are!

Can you give us a sneak peek into some of the exciting guests viewers can expect to see teeing off alongside you in the upcoming episodes?

"There’s some really interesting stories across all of the episodes. I’d say they cover very inspiring young entrepreneurs, people who have grown with a business from the start to 10 years down the track, and exciting new industries a lot of people don’t know much about yet."

What do you hope viewers will take away from watching "Teeing Up With Tech"? Are there any specific insights or moments you're particularly excited to share with your audience?

"Apart from them thinking I’m not that good at golf? I’m hoping the stories shared by the guests will inspire people more than anything. And of course to get some comedy out of the content."


Balancing the technical aspects of the industry with the leisurely pace of a golf game sounds like quite the challenge. How do you navigate these two worlds during the filming of each episode?

"As you said it’s done at a leisurely pace, so there’s plenty of time to chat ahah!"

What's your handicap?

"11 - questionable, I know."

Lastly, you've got to choose 4 people in the company to take on in a round, who are you choosing and why?

"Conal Haughey - because after all of the travelling, filming, editing and overall work he’s put into this he deserves it. 

Ciaran O'Donnell - because he’s shit so that’s good entertainment.

Sam Norris - because I’ve never seen anyone in my life enjoy playing golf more than he does, even when he’s playing badly.

James Farrey - because you’ve got to rely on someone to turn up with the beers."

Missed the trailer? Check it out here!

Episode 1 is coming very soon, so be sure to stay up to date across all of our social channels so you don't miss a sliced shot or Tiger Woods-esque 20 yard putt!

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