JDP: The story behind the rebrand
In case you haven't noticed, JDP got a whole new uplift! Read to find out the story behind our new rebrand and hear what our Founder and Managing Partners have to say.

Just Digital People is coming up to its 10th birthday — yep, you read that right, we're almost ten years old. Time truly flies. Well, February next year to be exact but you can never start celebrating too early, right? And because we've almost hit double digits, we've decided it's time to switch up our branding and give our company a new feel with a fresh uplift. 

JDP's Founder, Ciaran, says, "we had been discussing a slight refresh for the past couple of years, and with JDP turning 10 in February next year, I felt now was the right time to make those changes." Our Melbourne Managing Partner James also felt the need for a rebrand as he says, “I am a big advocate for getting rid of dodgy practices and the stigma that recruitment comes with, so we were keen to create a brand and re-vamp our look for our 10th birthday.”

Over the past few years, JDP's values have completely evolved. We consider ourselves to be friendly, accessible, and accommodating to all our clients, candidates, and our own internal team — you know, the ones who make the magic happen behind the scenes.

"Fundamentally, we are still delivering exceptional service to our clients, but we have always thought of ourselves as slightly edgy, pushing the boundaries, and given how amazing the past two years have been (since covid), a new image into the market felt like the right time," Ciaran says.

Here at JDP, we define ourselves as a business that is honest and genuinely passionate about giving a helping hand to our clients and candidates, guiding them every step of the way to succeed in their careers. Our Brisbane Managing Partner Sam gives us his take on our company's core values. "The core values, and one that I always speak to market about, is running and reaching a 'commercially amicable' process. Something where there's a win for all parties involved,” says Sam. While James adds, “the key things for me is transparency, honesty, and open communications with candidates’ and clients.”

When we think of JDP, the terms innovative, ethical, and taking ownership and responsibility come to mind. We take our clients and candidates into consideration with every move we make, putting them at the forefront of our decisions.

Sam reflects on how much JDP has evolved since he began his role as Managing Partner. "We're not the business we were when I first started in 2019, and that is one of, if not the most important components to me now. There are zero comparisons as to where we were when I began." Sam considers the past as a learning curve and is proud of how JDP has progressed in recent times.

Ciaran and James reflect by adding, "I am exceptionally proud of the team that we have in place today and whilst the journey this business has been on has been challenging, I am super excited about the future of this group,” says Ciaran. James also adds, “I’ve been with the business for seven years and my god has it changed over the years, and all for the better. When I joined … it was early doors down here and we have built a stellar reputation in Melbourne — being one of the go-to digital recruitment agencies. For me personally it’s been remarkable to see the growth and pulling power the brand has in Melbourne.”

When asked how important the new rebranding is, Sam said, "for me personally, this is one of my highlights in over three and a half years of being with the business. To me and to the group who's here today, it symbolises growth, both in maturity and our physical capabilities. To rebrand encapsulates evolution."

As for the new design features that JDP is sporting, James was keen to discuss how it matches his aesthetic. “I think it looks slick, green clashes with my ginger hair anyway so very excited to get some ginger friendly colour schemes going.” James continued with, “in all honesty, it doesn’t change what we do … we live and breathe recruitment and finding exceptional talent. We are the same JDP that gets sh!t done with our own style.”

JDP is always looking to strive for excellence and to satisfy not only our clients' and candidates' needs but also our internal teams’ desires to ensure a positive work environment is achieved. Sam adds, "our approach, attitude, and service offerings are components we're always striving to improve on."

So, if you’re looking for your next superstar employee, don’t be shy, give us a shout — we’re happy to help! We are Just Digital People.